Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

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If you are wondering what zodiac signs are most compatible, consider the pairing of Scorpio and Cancer. When two water signs get together, these emotional individuals connect with an intrinsic understanding of how each other thinks. Scorpio and Cancer have a lot in common and the astrological harmony is very strong. Learn more about some of the strengths and weaknesses of the horoscope match between Scorpio and Cancer.

Do Scorpio and Cancer Get Along?

According to the zodiac, Scorpio and Cancer are very well suited to each other. These signs have a lot in common and a natural understanding of one another, which forms and sustains a lasting bond between the two.

Cancers are known for being intuitive and are adept at sensing and interpreting the various energies of surrounding individuals. This is a helpful trait when partnered with a Scorpio, as Scorpios tend to be secretive and withdrawn until they truly trust someone. As a partner, Cancer can draw out hidden secrets to develop trust with a Scorpio, which is necessary for any friendships or relationships you develop.

While Scorpio and Cancer have many commonalities, a Cancer can be quite pessimistic at times and may easily become discouraged by setbacks, which plays opposite to Scorpio's tendency to succeed at any cost. Scorpios can be very strategic and have a potential for manipulation, but Cancers will easily see through their mind games. Candid honesty is one of the keys to developing strong relationships with Cancer women and men, as they will not tolerate emotional games.

Scorpio and Cancer Relationship

Both Scorpio and Cancer have negative polarities, which means that they tend toward a more introverted lifestyle. Both prefer smaller, more personal gatherings to large parties and are more comfortable in intimate settings than among crowds. Cancers have a comfortable attachment to the home, so it may sometimes require a little more work to get them out of the house. Cancers are ruled by their stomach so you can try going out for dinner when you need a change of pace.

A similarity in Scorpio and Cancer zodiac signs is that they both have a hard outer shell just like their namesakes the scorpion and the crab. And just like the aquatic creatures, they both may lash out when provoked. Scorpios are typically a little more outspoken than Cancers, who are commonly known to be more passive-aggressive. You two will need to make sure you have open communication so that you can build trust, which is something that takes a while for Scorpio to develop.

Scorpio and Cancer in Bed

Love compatibility is naturally very strong in any Scorpio and Cancer relationship, which leaves you with an opportunity to develop a deep connection in the bedroom. Since both are water signs, emotions are reflected in bed, and this connection allows you both to enjoy a deeply satisfying experience over and over again.

Be warned that both Scorpio and Cancer tend towards jealousy, so turbulence may occur when it comes to interacting with other men and women in your lives. Remember that Cancers are very faithful and loyal, just like Scorpios, and they are with you because they want to be.

The zodiac compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer is well-matched for love. With many shared commonalities, there is a great potential for many happy times together, whether your relationships stay as friendships, or you decide to build to marriage with lots of love and fun in bed.

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