Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

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The love between Taurus and Aquarius is a complicated one. Taurus is a sign most associated with tradition, and Aquarius is a sign that thrives on change. A Taurus and Aquarius relationship is the personification of the old question: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Let's take a closer look at Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility.

Taurus vs. Aquarius

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign. Aptly symbolized by the bull, Taurus brings strength and dependability to all who know them. Devotion and practicality are landmarks of a Taurus individual, which provides a solid foundation for long-term, stable relationships. However, Taurus' unwavering nature can cross the line into stubbornness, making them one of the least compromising signs in Western astrology.

Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign. An air sign symbolized by the water bearer, Aquarius makes no illusions about being a creative sign that delights in the unexpected. Aquarius values forward movement in all spheres: political, personal, and social. Aquarians are natural leaders because of their ability to thrive with change. These qualities can keep relationships feeling fresh, both romantic or in bed. However, Aquarius' desire for change can create instability in their personal life.

The difference between these two signs can be very stark, as both Taurus and Aquarius are of a Fixed quality. Taurus, the sign least likely to budge and Aquarius, the sign least likely to stay still. Both signs are set in their ways and the inherent divide between what drives them make a Taurus and Aquarius relationship very complicated to navigate.

Taurus and Aquarius Relationship Values

Taurus individuals have the tendency to present themselves as being very composed. However, Taurus is ruled by the planet of love herself, Venus. Beneath that strong, composed exterior is a romantic at heart. Taurus seeks love that lasts and is not happy in relationships that are undefined or fleeting. Meanwhile, Aquarius is ruled by the planet of oddity and freedom, Uranus. Under Uranus' guidance, Aquarius individuals find comfort in things that are undefined.

It can take Taurus time to come to a conclusion, so many Taurus relationships move slowly. But once Taurus makes a move, you can feel content to know that they are certain in their decision. In contrast, Aquarians are likely to be comfortable making decisions based on what feels right at the moment and can find themselves becoming impatient when partners take too long to process.

Taurus and Aquarius Relationship Dynamics

Taurans are great partners to have in times of difficulty, as their stalwart nature anchors their partners in even the most intense storms. Their unwavering personalities can become a problem if their certainty crosses the line into stubbornness. Once a Taurus has made up their mind, it can be difficult to change. Aquarius detests feeling like their word has little impact and will quickly become annoyed at Taurus' unwillingness to budge. Arguments between Aquarius and Taurus will be plentiful if both signs refuse to find a compromise with one another.

Taurus is resistant to change. Therefore, love with Taurus can become predictable. To the fluid Aquarius, this predictability can translate to boredom and create discontent. When Taurus senses a problem, they will pursue the problem until it is solved. When Aquarius feels pressure, they may attempt to create distance from the problem. This can cause an endless chase, where the stubborn Taurus needs answers and the overwhelmed Aquarius needs space.

In perfect circumstances, Taurus and Aquarius can create a powerful duo. Taurus can provide Aquarius with stability, while Aquarius pushes Taurus to discover new and exciting things. These two signs make excellent business partners for these reasons. But romantic relationships can be trickier to balance, as the pair must overcome many incompatibilities to fulfill one another.

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