Taurus and Leo Compatibility

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Understanding horoscope matches is a tricky endeavor, but this is something that your Taurus personality will naturally seek out before settling down. If you're looking for the most compatible signs for your strong-willed nature, you'll find that nearly any partnership requires good communication for your friends and lovers to understand your steadfastness. Wondering what zodiac signs go well together for you? Read on to learn more about how you'll work with a Leo.

Taurus and Leo Zodiac Compatibility

The natal chart compatibility for Taurus and Leo is quite complex. Your Taurus sign is ruled by earth, which means that you value the opportunity to put down roots and establish a stable, predictable lifestyle. Meanwhile, your partner's zodiac compatibility chart is filled with fire. Leo prefers excitement and changeability and may feel constrained by your desire for stability.

You both have fixed signs, which means that you're not very changeable once you've set your course. If you're on the same trajectory, this can be excellent for your love compatibility. However, this horoscope match becomes strained when you're not headed in the same direction, as it will be difficult for either one of you to change course. Your romantic compatibility by birthdate can be good if you both want the same things, but you shouldn't settle down with a Leo hoping that they'll change.

Taurus and Leo Strengths

The horoscope compatibility between Leo and Taurus is well-balanced in regards to their yin and yang natures. Your Taurus sign is a yin, so you're typically happy to take the more passive side of projects. Your Leo partner's yang nature positions them well for the active planning and execution role. However, you'll need to communicate clearly to make sure you're pursuing the same goals, and your Leo partner must be patient with your need to know and understand the plan.

Both Taurus and Leo enjoy material things and value family. This gives you good sign compatibility if you're both interested in starting a family together. However, if one of your isn't interested in children, the horoscope compatibility for this love match will suffer, because neither partner is likely to budge. Settle on the same plan together, however, and your Taurus nature will naturally create the structure for assembling your dream, while Leo's fiery energy fills in the creative details.

Taurus and Leo Weaknesses

Strangely enough, the shared tendency for loving others can be detrimental to a Taurus and Leo relationship. Both signs prefer to give rather than receive and aren't as appreciative on the receiving end as other signs. This creates an imbalance in their astrological compatibility.

The birthday compatibility between Taurus and Leo can also be strained when it comes to money and material possessions. Both signs appreciate beautiful things, but Taurus also values responsibility and financial stability. If Leo goes on a spending spree, your practical Taurus nature may have trouble justifying some of the purchases. You are both very stubborn signs, so your astrological compatibility here could lead to a monumental fight where neither partner is willing to concede defeat.

Leo men and women are charismatic, engaging, and busy. This can seem overwhelming to your Taurus homebody nature. While you might get drawn into the Leo whirlwind in the beginning of the relationship, you'll likely find that your horoscope compatibility for marriage doesn't have the lasting power that you're looking for.

Overall, your zodiac love compatibility with a Leo will be complex. Your astrological sign compatibility has some favorable indicators, but you should give this relationship plenty of time before you commit. A Taurus and Leo marriage will be unchanging, so make sure you're happy with the shape your relationship takes.

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