About My Services


It's a comfortable room with an over-sized chair. There's always a pot of coffee brewing and the herbal tea of your choice. Maybe something cool and refreshing.

This room is a place to relax. A place to feel safe to express your hurts and fears and a place to feel confident that you will never be judged or scolded.

A place where laughter and tears, both, are shared. A place where hands are often held as we work toward insights that calm, offer clarity and, when possible, solutions. Welcome to my chat room!
I work with my guide, Betta, as well as offering my own gentle psychic insights and intuitions.

We peel back the layers of your situation to provide you with the very clearest picture possible so that you can make the very best, most informed choices going forward. Clarity helps with understanding the How? of your situation.

We look backward for you, behind the confusing and seemingly closed doors hiding mysteries and non-answers that have brought you to where you are. It's in the looking-back that we often find help with the Why? of your current situation.

Together, we find your answers. Betta and I are looking forward to our chat!

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a professional psychic for the past several decades, although an intuitive since birth. (Or at least as far back as I can remember!)

Experienced in the use of several oracles – tarot, runes, crystals, angels – as examples – when reading for my clients, I always add to mix my own psychic insights.


Level III Reiki Master Certification