Revealing the Truth about Spiritual Myths

If you are into spiritual development, chances are you have been exposed to common myths that have been circulating around for years.

To help you to truly benefit from ancient wisdom and make the most of your personal journey, we explore 5 popular spiritual development paths and debunk the most common myths about each. Let’s begin with astrology.

5 Common Myths about Astrology Readings

Through personal and timely insights, Astrology helps you see your past, present and future through eagle eyes. It illuminates the links between separate events, showing how connected and karmic all life is. If you feel like you’ve gotten much less out of this knowledge system, take a look at the common myths below. They’ll help clarify what was missing all along.

Myth #1 Your Sun Sign Tells It All

Your sun sign is only the conscious, above-the-surface, basic ego part of you. But you are much more than that!

For astrology to be personal and deep, an astrologer should calculate your individual birth (natal) chart. Your natal chart shows your soul’s purpose - who you are, why you chose to come to Earth at this particular time and place.

This chart includes your ascendant, i.e. your rising sign, and your moon sign. While your ascendant is about how others see you, and how you process new situations and people, your moon sign is your unconscious side, including the forgotten memories you bring from past lives.

Only together the combination of your sun, rising and moon signs plus the positions and movements of planets can give the whole picture of who you are. The same is true if you are trying to understand your partner better: you have to get his natal chart calculated.

Myth #2 Zodiacal Personalities Are Make-Believe

Each sign, whether it’s your sun sign, ascendant or moon sign, has its own energy and personality. And these twelve personalities aren’t just the imagination of astrologers.

As Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, stated:
“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection, in which are reflected the mythologemes, i.e., the archetypes.”

For Jung, astrology was a “functionary of the psychology of the collective unconscious.” What he meant is this: we are part of one big spirit, and we’re evolving together. Our life plots are more common than we realize, including our love troubles, career dilemmas, and family issues.

That’s why other people’s stories speak to us. We all harbor one or more of the 12 astrological archetypes in our psyches. And as we get to know ourselves, together, we become more conscious.

Myth #3 Transits Don’t Affect You Personally

Your natal chart remains constant - it is the portrait of the sky where and when you were born. Planets have certain positions in this chart, but planets kept moving since! Transits are the analysis of these planetary movements, compared to their positions in your natal chart.

Example: If you have been single for an eternity, transits show when your new relationship will finally be on the horizon. Your astrologer will check when Venus is crossing/transiting your 1st, 7th or 9th house in your personal natal chart, along with Jupiter’s positioning.

Same is true if you are having difficulties in your relationship - is it time to break up? Your astrologer can check the transits and tell you.

Transits can be calculated in advance and help with predictions, but astrological predictions are about influences, and not about absolute outcomes. Which takes us to the next myth.

Myth #4 Astrology Denies Free Will

Do you think that the time and place of your birth is accidental? What if your soul chose the time and place of your birth? What if you already had free will before you came to Earth?

Through your higher wisdom and celestial help, you were very deliberate about the kind of life you wanted to have. You knew about the lessons you wanted to learn, and the kinds of experiences you wanted to have.

But, after birth, through your mental training in the hands of a not-so-wise society and culture, you forgot about this inner wisdom.

The above is exactly what mystics like Osho have taught. Astrology was created to help remind you of your true nature, and of the decisions you made before you manifested in a body on Earth. Astrology helps you access the wisdom of your own soul.

Myth #5 Astrological Love Compatibility is Bogus

Your sun sign love compatibility may be fun to read, but it is not the real deal. Your lover is a whole person with a sun sign, ascendant and a moon sign. There are unique transits and planetary influences in his chart as well.

To understand the love compatibility between two people, an astrologer should calculate, juxtapose and compare the natal charts for similarities and differences.

Is he the love of your life and challenging you to grow? Or is he just another bad match who’s driving you crazy? Only an astrologer can help connect the dots in your charts.

You can ask these questions to a psychic also, but if you want an astrological analysis, sun sign compatibility isn’t enough. There are many layers to people, and for that reason alone, the natal chart is a must.

Moving On…

In this article, we presented the true face of astrology. It is personal, it is profound, and it follows your soul’s free will.

In our next article, we’ll explore the 5 common myths about the Law of Attraction. Stay tuned.

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