5 Common Myths about the law of attraction 5 Common Myths about the law of attraction

5 Myths about the Law of Attraction

In our previous article, we explored how your free will was there even before you were born. You chose the time and place of your birth.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) follows in the same footsteps: you are the creator of your own life. You attract specific people and events into your life through your thoughts and beliefs.

Many misunderstandings surround this teaching, dimming its power for both new and experienced practitioners. Here we reveal the truth about the 5 most common mind-obscuring LOA myths.

Myth #1 LOA Is For Lazy, Dreamy People

Skeptics mock LOA saying: “I’ll think about a car and poof, I’ll manifest it!” Skeptics believe you need to work hard, and figure out financing and other details, if you really want a car.

LOA, on the other hand, believes in “inspired action.” How many people do you know that work so hard, yet can barely pay rent, let alone afford a car? LOA says working like a mule or being a realist isn’t the answer.

Hold the vision of a car and believe in your ability to manifest it. Intuition will lead you to inspired action - the kind of action that will pave the way to results.

That’s how visionaries who created multi-billion-dollar companies have done it. They had a dream they believed in even though they were only “basement inventors”. Working in the basement of their homes with no funding. Imagine, believe in yourself, follow your hunches and you’ll get to manifest what you want, says LOA.

Myth #2 Affirmations Work Like Magic

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired state of being or a situation. But affirmations work only when your feelings match your thoughts. And when you are willing to take inspired action, however challenging it may be.

For example, every morning you may be looking in the mirror and repeating, “My relationship is getting stronger, deeper, and more stable each day.” Merely reciting this affirmation will not turn your lover into a Romeo.

Check your feelings as you say the affirmation -
  • Does your heart agree? If not, why?
  • Is there a trust issue that needs to be explored?
  • Are you willing to do the work to make your relationship stronger and deeper?
For an affirmation to work, your mind and heart willingly need to join forces. They need to be aligned. If they are not, stop focusing on the affirmation, and go into the “misalignment.” What’s holding you from improving this relationship?

Myth #3 You Can Create Anything You Want

In theory yes, but in practice mostly no. Where you are right now has a lot to do with how much “jumping” you’ll have to do to arrive where you want to be.

If you are already dating someone and things are going amazingly well, it will be easy to imagine a future together. But if you have been single for 7 years, and every date you had in the last year was a disaster, then you have work to do.

In the latter scenario, you can invite love into your life, but you probably have some negative expectations to leave behind. You’d begin by acknowledging where you are. Single. Ready for something meaningful. Out of “relationship practice.” Need to recover trust in men, etc.

Once you acknowledge where you are in your mind and in your heart, it becomes much easier to make the “jump” because you recognize the ground on which you’re standing.

Myth #4 Outside Factors Have No Power

They do, only because how can you ignore a toxic boss or an abusive partner? They are there day in and day out. Other people and events can overpower you.

When LOA states, “Outside factors have no power,” it’s not denying your current reality. It’s just reminding you that the power to walk away from any situation rests within you.

When you come to a place, a defining moment, where you firmly state: “I’m worth better than this,” that’s when outside factors begin to lose power. This defining moment is called your “new point of attraction” according to LOA.

It’s that moment when you acknowledge and accept your present reality, but you also know you’ll be moving on for sure. It’s like tuning into a new radio station - once you make the switch, the old is gone. Enjoy the new music!

Myth #5 Bad Things Happen To Negative People Only

How many wonderful people do you know that have suffered illnesses, financial loss, and passing away of loved ones? At some point, everyone in this world experiences difficult events. No matter how positive or negative their disposition may be.

No one has figured out the algorithm that shows who’ll get what. There’s the environment, food, our genetic lottery, natural disasters, epidemics, international monetary movements, war… phew. Better not think about all these!

LOA says best is to see the positive aspects of what you have; this will help improve your point of attraction and empower you to take the right actions.

Moving On...

Perhaps the most passionate believers of LOA are psychics. As they read your energy, they see how changes in your thoughts and feelings can change your future. When your heart and mind are aligned, when you believe in intuition, LOA works wonders, they say.

In our next article, we’ll explore the 5 common myths about true love. Stay tuned!

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