4 Steps to Turn a Negative Relationship into a Positive One

You’ve been working on yourself, leading a more conscious and spiritual life, creating positive energy in your home. Yet your partner doesn’t seem willing to come along with you on this journey. The relationship you have frequently takes a negative turn, and it’s as if no matter what you do, your partner just loves being resistant to change.

Here are four steps to help you come out on the other side brighter, happier and stronger than before – together with your partner.

1. Acknowledge your part in it

A relationship is like two mirrors facing each other. Infinite amount of heart and mind reflections. Powerful images. It isn’t a one-way street. So it might not be easy to accept, but things you say or do might be triggering negative reactions in your partner.

It may also be that your constant “create good energy” attitude reminds them of all the things they need to work on, and that they are just not ready to change. Their resistance might feel like aggression or negativity to you. Accepting where they are is your first step. Honor the struggle they are in.

2. Wait it out if need be

You don’t have to solve everything right now. Sometimes distracting the mind with something else is the fastest way to deep understanding –when the negative cycle begins to happen, don’t try to regulate it with positive thoughts. Don’t even go to your mind. Stop. Both of you. Leave the room and do something together that you both love doing. Anything. This will take you to your hearts.

Then the answers you are looking for will reveal themselves at the right time. When you are relaxed. When you are not obsessing about answers. Yes, the mind wants immediate results, but the heart knows the real when’s and how’s.


3. Give yourselves credit for past triumphs

Having a relationship is not a destination. A relationship is your journey to love all of yourself and all of your partner. To take all emotions - the joys and the sorrows - into your heart. You’ve done this before. Many times. Because otherwise you wouldn’t still be a couple.

Have faith that, like you did it in the past, you’ll win together again. Remembering these past achievements will give you the strength to plunge forward for more of your partner. Claim everything that your partner is. Feel them even when they are in a negative place. Trust the power of your relationship.

4. Enhance the energy flow between you

So instead of talking about energy, take action. Do things that will bring positive energy into your lives together. Play your partner’s favorite music. Dance. Have sex. Eat good food together. Swim. Hike. Walk down your favorite avenue holding hands. Let the energy of love take over and inspire you to do more fun things with them. Whatever they may be.

But don’t expect anything in return. Do what you do out of love for them and for yourself. Take the back seat. Trust that the energy of love knows where to take you. Positive thoughts can’t create love. A happy heart can. Easily. Willingly. Trustingly.

Next time you find yourself in that negative place, take these steps. Because your relationship matters. Because you matter. Because knowing how to attract positive energy will change your life.

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