How Best to Prepare for a Spirit Reading – in Simple Steps

You’ve decided you want to get a spirit reading online. Perhaps you’ve read about it, or a friend told you it’s amazing, and you’ve even browsed live psychics’ profiles who provide this type of reading. You might have even gotten spirit readings before, and now you’re back for more.

Whatever the case – whether it’s your first time, or you’ve been there and done that many times – spirit readings require some preparation. And they require it each time.

Here's how to prepare for a spirit reading in a few easy steps.

1. Knowing what to expect
Knowing what to expect from a spirit reading Knowing what to expect from a spirit reading

The first step before getting any type of psychic reading is to thoroughly understand what the reading offers and the method being used. Briefly, spirit reading is an ancient and traditional form of divination and psychic reading that has survived many centuries of repression, witch hunts, and even being outlawed outright. It’s a powerful and incisive type of reading that consults with guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed on. It offers a holistic overview of a situation, along with details you might not be aware of, and advice on how best to proceed for your highest good and wellbeing.

In a spirit reading, you can ask to hear from those you’ve known and loved, including family, relatives, and friends. The reading is designed to help you connect with them, hear from them, express love and gratitude, get closure for any past issues in your relationship, and receive their support for your life. The healing effects of these readings can help your soul find peace and truly change your life.

These readings can also provide you with an opportunity to connect with your deceased pets. Spirit readers believe that many pets stay connected to their human-parents sometimes even long after they pass on. They are there to support you and love you, the way they did when they were on Earth. A spirit reading can help you feel their presence and reconnect with them with love.

2. Setting an intention
Setting an intention for spirit reading Setting an intention for spirit reading

Before any psychic or spiritual reading, it helps to have a strong and clear intention. Intention is the driving force, the most important ingredient for success, in all readings. Intention helps you get really specific on what you want out of your reading.

Intention setting creates an internal mindset in which you can be mindful about your deepest desires – what do you want out of your spirit reading? Don’t be afraid or hesitate – even if say, you’ve broken someone’s heart and they passed on and now you’re feeling horribly guilty -- your spirit reader can handle anything. They have seen it all, they have heard it all. They know that we’re all just fallible humans.

Is your intention contacting a specific deceased loved one to ask for forgiveness and find solace? Or is it simply to tell a deceased person just how much you miss them? Do you want to know what your deceased pet is up to? Or, do you want to strictly hear from your spirit guides because you need guidance from higher realms about things that matter a lot to you?

Writing your intentions or questions down before your reading gives you an irreplaceable tool – a list you can refer to anytime during the reading, to make sure all the ground you wanted covered gets covered. It will also help you to get focused before your session, and strengthens the power of your intention.

Did you know that you can also explore your life purpose during a spirit reading? With the help of angels and spirit guides, you can discover why you’ve come to earth. Remember not to fall prey to your ego – no one has reincarnated to save the world! Each one of us is here for a specific purpose that’s very human and fragile. It could be as simple as experiencing true love in a peaceful environment. Or, becoming a mother or a father. It could be as simple as helping people in need – which, is actually a very powerful calling. So, if you want to know your purpose, set it as your intention before you start your reading.

3. Preparing your body-mind
Preparing your body-mind for a spirit reading Preparing your body-mind for a spirit reading

Spirit readings achieve better and more thorough results when you can allocate some time and space to them, especially when there’s as much silence as possible, and minimal disruptions if at all. The environment needs to be conducive to getting such an important reading – you could be outside at a park or in a coffee shop, but we recommend finding a corner, some space for yourself where you can concentrate.

For a spirit reading to be truly successful, your mindset is equally important. If you’ve just had a huge argument with your partner and yelled at the top of your voice, you might want to take some time to calm down and clear your energy. Breathing consciously and slowly helps to release stress and bring your body-mind to a peaceful state.

Here are a few other things you can do to achieve inner calm.

  • Light a candle and make a prayer
  • Meditate
  • Do some gentle stretching
  • Write your feelings down
  • Paint or draw without a goal
  • Listen to new age music
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Drive in an area that you like
  • Go to an art museum or an art supplies store
  • Go to a local coffee shop
  • Talk to someone

You can also just do anything else that you know soothes you – everybody is different, and depending on your culture, upbringing, and personality, you might have developed your very own way of calming down.

4. Finding the right reader
Finding the right reader Finding the right reader

This one is as important as the previous steps. You might come across a spirit reader who has hundreds or even thousands of exceptional ratings and reviews, but how can you know if they are right for YOU for what you need RIGHT NOW?

To make sure to find the right reader, use your free minutes – on Kasamba, every time you click to get a reading with a psychic who’s new to you, you get three free minutes to get to know them. Regardless of whether you decide to continue with the reading or not, you don’t get charged for those minutes. It’s an excellent way to get to know a reader, to assess whether they can offer what you’re looking for, in the way you want it.

Remember – being specific helps. Tell your spirit reader what you’re looking for and what your intention is, at the beginning of your reading, preferably before they contact the spirit world.

Additional Tips

On Kasamba, you can sort spirit readers by their ratings, experience, per-minute price, and more. If you know these criteria are important to you, keep them in mind as you look for a spirit reader. You might also want to take a look at your selected psychic’s profile before you start a session. The information on their profile might help you get a better of sense of who they are, what they do and how they do it, and what their experience has been like.

Do you want to get a chat reading (where you get to keep the transcript for future reference), a phone reading, or an email reading? Decide what’s best for your needs – if you’re not sure, you can try the different methods and see what works for you. Most people prefer chat because of the absolute anonymity and privacy it provides, along with the ability to go back to the chat transcript any time in the future.

Questions? Comments? You can always contact us, 24/7. If you need assistance finding a spirit reader, we’d be more than happy to help.

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