What is ESP? Do you Have Psychic abilities?

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What does ESP mean psychic?What does ESP mean psychic?
ESP is thought to be a mysterious psychic sense that functions beyond the physical world. Its actual meaning is extra sensory Perception. It must be understood that ESP is a psychic transferring energy that comes through the mind, body and soul of every human on this planet.

Do I have an ESP?Do I have an ESP?

A Short Trip in Personal History
The first time I experienced ESP phenomena was when I was a child, I was about 6 years old. I have been very inquisitive to say the least as a youngster, and had my first encounter with an energy field that came from within a house when I went to visit with my Dad some friends of ours. There had been at the time a strong smell of burning marshmallows, I was telling my dad, that I smelled someone roasting marshmallows. And my Dad out of pure exasperation asked the people, is anyone of you roasting marshmallows, and of course they said no. Of course that did not satisfy my curiosity, so I went to look for the culprit. What I had found was that I had seen two children who were roasting marshmallows over an open candle, in the bedroom of the people we had visited. I called my Dad, but guess what...There was no sign of any children and the smell of marshmallows were not even present. Many years later, I had found out that the house that these people had lived, originally belonged to a family who all burnt in the house, when they had two young boys who apparently created a fire due to their marshmallow burning.

What is ESP Mind Reading?What is ESP Mind Reading?

ESP in this case was not only the connection to spirit interaction, as well as Clairolfaction psychic smell and Retro cognition to see what had happened prior to an incident in the past. We have to look at Edgar Cayce an American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce 20 th century, (1877- 1945) a world renowned psychic, who channelled answers to questions on a myriad of issues claimed that he would subconsciously explore his dream world where all subconscious minds are timelessly connected. He also said that the “psychic ability is of the soul”.

This man's life was filled with documented experiences and evidence of ESP and psychic phenomena. He was best known for the ability to receive insights and guidance in his dreams that would require him to travel in astral form to visit the particular person in need of his guidance. He gave thousands of legally documented readings very detailed on health and spiritual growth to ancient mysteries and dream interpretation. More than a Prophet

Although some have called Edgar Cayce a "prophet", he himself never admitted it. He never made predictions about worldwide events, mostly because predictions are subjected to outside influences. Energy is never static. Every event we experience is connected to our emotional reactions and responses to the outside environment, and how we feel about ourselves and others in our lives. When advisors attempt to predict the future, all they can actually do is foretell of a possible future based on current energy signature that they pick up on, through clairvoyance for example. If events continue to occur the same course then psychics can “see” what the result will be. However, with free will, many of us change our paths and even have the ability to change world events.

What does ESP Psychic mean?

“It is important to know that ESP is simply on part of the Psychic ability. ESP is the collective description for all Psychic phenomena, displayed within and outside of the normal or paranormal situation or environment.”

“So, do I have ESP?” “Yes!”…ESP means to display any or more than one particular psychic abilities at any given moment.

How to develop your esp?How to develop your esp?

Most of us experience this essence through our intuition, hunches, and gut feelings. Psychic readings suggest that if we seek psychic experiences, we must intentionally set the intent for spiritual growth, learning about ourselves, or helping others. In time, we may be able to work with our own intuition in such a way that it becomes as natural as using any of our other senses: taste, smell, touch, hearing, or sight. One of the best ways to begin nurturing our intuition is through a regular practice of meditation, to practice the still mind. When have you felt the strange coincidence of numbers for example, 11:11 or 2:22, these are called synchronistic indications of what is happening right now, “pay attention right now” or this is important for me to know. These examples are part of your internal extra sensory perception of your inner world and your external world, talking to you.
ESP not that simple
There are literally so many different types of extra-sensory communication abilities, some researchers have broken down the term ESP into more categories to help explain what is taking place. Cayce displayed strong abilities in each of these areas where as Uri Geller 1970 displayed

exceptional ESP or psi abilities. Psi abilities are when one is able to influence certain kinds of objects of natural phenomena. Spoon bending was one of his traits. Much later Uri Geller was soon asked to become part of a military program to become a psychic spy. Ingo Swann, another famous yet underrated Psychic was exceptional at seeing remotely the features on mars. Many years later it was confirmed that his reviews were accurate, when NASA had sent satellite pictures of exactly these formations on the Mars expedition “Writer Annie Jacobsen says the US military is working to see if certain soldiers have "enhanced perception," or "precognition" - - sensing what will happen before it does.”-www.cbsnews.com

“What is ESP Mind Reading?” Mind reading or Telepathy is the ability to obtain information psychically by reading the mind of another person.
In our own lives, one example of telepathy is when we suddenly start thinking about someone we haven't heard from in a long time and a short while later they call us on the phone. “What type of ESP do I have?”
The most common psychic ability is Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to “see” information that no one else has seen. For example, suppose you are walking down a street, and a bus comes along the other side of the road, your first instinctive thought would have been that you somehow knew that there was going to be a bus at that particular time, instinctively. Or if someone calls on a phone and you know who it is instinctively.

How to develop your esp?How to develop your esp?

This is an ESP psychic ability or commonly known as Déjà vu. “Déjà vu is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. The phrase translates literally as "already seen". Although some interpret déjà vu in a paranormal context, mainstream scientific approaches reject the explanation of déjà vu as "precognition" or "prophecy"-Wikipedia

Precognition in Dreams becomes Déjà vu in awake state
Precognition is the ability to view events before they happen. Many of us have also had the experience of precognition; for example, you might be having a conversation with a friend and, all at once, be absolutely positive that you've had the exact conversation before. You may even know what your friend is going to say next. One explanation for this phenomenon is that our dreams often foreshadow future events

Retro cognition
Retro cognition is the ability to see past events. Timing in the past, when one is able to see past events that had already occurred but in order to track a particular aspect. Almost as if to trace back at a particular timeline and place a specific event or situation that had unfolded.

3 More Types of ESP
Telepathy: the ability to read another person's thoughts
Mediumship: the ability to channel dead spirits
Psychometry: the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object
Clairaudience: the ability to hear from beyond the human physical range of hearing, when mediums are able to hear a spirit speak.
Another very significant ESP ability, is telekinesis, the ability to alter the physical world with mind power alone.
Clairolfaction: psychic smell
“How does ESP touch you? In your Dream Time
There are many people who have different ideas of how ESP manifests in themselves, through experience and undeniable proof.
“It’s in the dreaming”
Dreamtime or Dreaming for Australian Aboriginal people represents the time when the Ancestral Spirits moved over the land and created life. Aboriginal philosophy is known as the Dreaming and is based on the connection of energy with all living beings, people and the earth. Everything in this world according to them is based on the Dream world. When they sleep they are entering their awake state, which denotes that to sleep is to be awake or conscious about oneself and all things from an objective view.
If you have a dream that eventually comes true in extreme detail, you might very well see it as proof that you're psychic. Being Psychic does not only occur during dreaming but also sensations, smells, extra paranormal experiences that one cannot deny. There are many situations from reliable sources that people have documented about ESP situations.

How to develop your esp?How to develop your esp?

How about ESP in Relationships?

We as a human race are a constant living organism, continuously feeling and picking up on one another, whether we feel those “vibes” in the office, or feeling that instant love connection for another person across the world. These “vibrations or vibes” are nothing more than electromagnetic energy, in simple terms, “energy”.

ESP is Electricity

ESP is an electrical current that functions inside of us, through our hearts and brains. Our Souls or astral selves are the proof of this electrical current.
Everything is energy, and humans are energetic beings. Our hearts beat electrical currents that generate throughout our bodies in neural paths. Our eyes are lenses that perceive extra ordinary light on multiple spectrums, and we can perceive this aspect for its powerful intensity. Love is also then by definition energy or electricity.
Human beings are naturally curious by nature which leads people look for answers in instances of extraordinary coincidences and events. Sometimes it is simply just supernatural.
“Supernatural means some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature”.
Dream big, Create with Intent, be Infinite Conscious in al that you do. We are after all Super Natural.
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