How Do Psychic Readings Work?

Top Psychic Advisor / 35+ Years of Experience / Meditation Specialist
Top Psychic Advisor / 35+ Years of Experience / Meditation Specialist

How do psychics work How do psychics work
A psychic reading can be a life-altering experience.

Psychics may reveal Hopes and dreams, a sign from a loved one who has passed can be shared, and you could even expect a warning or confirmation of your life choices. But how do psychic readings work? And how can you optimize an authentic psychic reading to make the most out of the experience?

Going into a psychic reading prepared will help you get the most from it. Alternatively, leading with blocked thoughts, doubt, and a lack of insight may limit the experience. This article touches on how psychics can, with your emotional acceptance, help you realign with your path and purpose.

How do psychics work How do psychics work

How Do Psychics Work?

Ever wonder how psychics get their information? Authentic psychics have tapped into and refined 1 of 5 psychic abilities or have harnessed a few of them to read your future, understand your past, and examine your present.

Clairvoyant or “clear seeing” is the ability to see people, places, and scenarios. They can be incredibly clear but may require a level of interpretation and clarification in order to piece the visuals together. They may also be able to see and read auras.

Clairaudient psychics hear voices, music, and sounds. So they can pick up on things like the song played at your wedding or specific things a loved one said to you before passing. They may even be able to hear conversations you’ve had with yourself.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel, also referred to as an empath. They can identify emotions and feel them deeply, often helping the querent understand deeper meanings to events.

Claircognizant or “clear knowing,” also known as intuitive, is when a psychic knows things as if it is their own memory or thoughts.

Mediumship is when the psychic taps directly into the spirit, creating a bridge between us and our loved ones, archangels, and spirit guides.

There are dozens of other psychic gifts that allow a psychic to taste, touch, and smell things outside our realms, but these are the most common gifts used for psychic reading.

Psychic readings don’t usually involve a velvet table cloth and crystal ball. Readings take place over the phone, chat, skype, or in person. Some readers will channel, and others may use divination tools like cards, crystals, bones, or even tea leaves. Whatever helps them channel your message. Tools, talents, gifts, and practice are how psychics work.

How Do Psychics Get Their Information?

This is often the first question to come to mind to skeptics and believers alike --how do psychics read you, or how do psychics know about you?

Did they check my Facebook?
Did my weird aunt call ahead of time?
Have I shared too much beforehand?

It’s perfectly normal to wonder how psychics do it. But the answer isn’t always as straightforward as the mind would prefer it to be. But no, authentic psychics don’t stalk your social media, talk to relatives, or fish for information before your reading.

And sometimes, even with the clearest of explanations, low-vibrational emotions make it more difficult for the reader to perceive the messages you are meant to receive clearly. Suspicion and skepticism are low-vibrational states of being, meaning your energy will cloud the psychic’s vision. While they will temporarily lose sight of your situation, it will be you left in the dark! Distrust is a guaranteed way to block messages you need to receive.

How do psychics work How do psychics work

Trust The Process

Be inquisitive, but if you choose to seek the guidance of a psychic, lead with your third eye, and feel for the trust between you and your psychic. Establishing positive grounds for unlimited possibilities is the key to an incredibly intimate and special reading with your psychic. Faith is vital energy you bring to your reading. Remembering the universal Law of Resonance, you will attract what you put forth into the world. If you enter the sanctity of your session with distrust and cynicism, you will repel the positive energies your psychic wishes to connect you with. On the other hand, your faith will lead you through the darkness and enable your psychic to illuminate your path fully!

Different Divine Gifts

To answer how psychics get their information will depend on the gifts they have and the divination tools they use. So, how do psychics work with their gifts? For example, a clairvoyant may see your aura, see blocked energy fields around your heart chakra, and pull the 3 of Swords from a Tarot deck to understand that you are experiencing severe heartbreak and loss. On the other hand, another psychic may directly be told by your Grandmother that you’re considering making a massive change in your career. Guidance from the other side will confirm that you should follow your instincts as a great opportunity lies ahead of you.

There are hundreds of spiritual tools and talents used by psychics to read your energy and emotional fields. Akashic records, God’s plan, destiny, Karma, Life paths, and fate have been set into motion for all of us. And for some, including psychics, a gift was offered to help align other humans with their path and purpose; assisting them in eliminating blockages keeping them from experiencing their fullest potential. And to achieve such a lofty goal, psychics dedicate their lives to mastering their gifts, tools, and spiritual well-being to be a vessel for source energy and insight.

How Do Psychics Know Your Future?

You are always being guided by source energy or the creator. And you might even notice signs of what your future will hold by just tapping into your intuition and awareness. If you ever found yourself saying, “I knew this would happen,” or just sense something was about to occur, or could confidently predict an outcome. In those moments, your psychic energy aligns with source energy.

How do psychics work with tapping into this source? This alignment with the source is ongoing for psychics, making it possible for them to tap into your vibrational trajectory and predict your future. Thus, when a psychic predicts your future, explores your past, or reveals the mysteries of the present, it is because the source has given them the gift to peer into your book of life and flip through the infinite pages.

Can you change the future that is set out for you? Yes. As your vibration may shift once you’ve received the possible outcome, you may alter it. However, it requires significant effort. Many people come to psychics because they want to make changes in their lives but seek permission and validation that it’s the best decision to take. This is a sacred task that psychics don’t take lightly, and all guidance into your future is meant for your great good, always.

How do psychics work How do psychics work


Psychics have an abundance of wisdom, prophecy, and access to source energy. Still, there are a few things beyond their control affecting their accuracy, including your focus or intention, your emotional and mental stability, your faith, your expectations, trust, sincerity, and naturally--free will.
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Specializing in : Psychic Readings & Empathy | Skills: Clairvoyance/ Meditation/ Reiki Master | Rate:
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