Tarot Cards - Minor Arcana
The Minor Arcana (minor secrets) cards represent the things that govern our day-to-day life including practical aspects, small-scale projects, everyday relationships, etc. Because wholesome living is equally worldly and spiritual, the Minor Arcana cards are in no way less important than those in the Major Arcana. The details of our everyday life are an unmistakable mirror of the journey our souls are taking. As above so below, as within so without.

Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards and is broken into four suits of fourteen cards each: the suit of Pentacles, the suit of Cups, the suit of Wands, and the suit of Swords. Each suit is numbered one (Ace) to ten, followed by four Court Cards: Page, Knight, Queen, and King. In that sense they are similar to the regular playing decks, with one additional card.

Each suit is associated with an element (earth, water, fire, and air). Some occultists maintain that each suit is also representative of a chakra, picturing the life lessons that are associated with it. Numerologists posit that the numbers on the cards are predictive of their meanings. We believe all such connections hold true, as the deck is replete with mystical connections.

Below is a list of the 56 Tarot cards of the Minor Arcana, click each card to gain deeper insight into their meanings.
The suit of Wands is associated with the fire element, suit of clubs, spring, and the third chakra (also known as the solar plexus chakra). As such, the wand cards tend to show the state of our fiery passions in life - those things we want to accomplish, the projects we want to work on, our career, and our strong interests including our social and political activities.

These cards show whether we can viably make plans and stick to them. They show how we handle obstacles, whether we give up too quickly or if we maintain resilience. They show our relationship to sustained action.

When we are out of balance in this area, we lack confidence. We assume that the world is against us. That people are selfish. Our leadership skills need to be improved and we must find our inner strength and drive. The wand cards give us these details with amazing accuracy.

The wands are a powerful suit. Each wand card can single-handedly change the progression of a reading, giving it a positive or a negative turn. They are just as powerful in one-card readings.
The suit of Cups is associated with the water element, suit of hearts, summer, and the second chakra (also known as the sacral chakra). As such, the cup cards tend to show the state of our emotions and how we relate to ourselves, as well as to the people and the world outside of us.

The cup cards show whether we have pleasure, passion, friendliness, and sensuality in our lives. They are mostly relationship cards - they can show how a particular relationship, past or present, makes us feel, or how we relate to the people in our lives, including that special someone.

When we are out of balance in this area, we lack self-confidence, we hide our feelings and avoid closeness. We may even walk away. Cup cards help us understand ourselves better, and guide us to the solutions our heart craves.

Cup cards have rich imagery and symbolism, and they incorporate past influences, the present situation, and hints about the future. Many of them are versatile in meaning, just like our changing emotions, yet more than a few are unmistakably powerful in what they convey, such as the Queen of Cups.
The suit of Swords is associated with the element of air, suit of spades, autumn, and the fourth chakra (also known as the heart chakra). While most people assume that the heart chakra has only to do with love, it has an even superior function - that of connecting our spiritual reality with our worldly reality. The heart chakra is a bridge between our mental states - including how calm and clear our minds are - and our ability to be in the world peacefully.

The element of air directly has to do with our minds and thoughts. And because our minds are highly complex with many nuances and changes, the suit of Swords requires the keenest psychic sense to intuit the situation at hand. Sword cards aren’t easy to understand.

When we are out of balance in this area, we experience negativity, hopelessness, mood swings, lack of interest, and a host of other unpleasant emotions fueled by our distorted yet habitual thinking processes. While most cards in the suit of Swords look gloomy at first glance, their deeper meanings and hidden positive messages would surprise you.
The suit of Pentacles is associated with the earth element, suit of diamonds, winter and the first chakra (also known as the root chakra). As such, the pentacle cards tend to show the state of our most basic needs - food, water, shelter, warmth, rest, breathing, sleep, homeostasis, basic security and safety.

These cards show the amount of abundance we have in our lives. They reveal whether we are emotionally open to the universe’s generosity or not. They provide a 360-degree picture of our ability to meet our most primal worldly needs, and clarify the why’s and the how’s.

When we are out of balance in this area, we experience anxiety, insecurity, poor decision making, and exaggerated detachment from the world. The pentacles help us understand the situation better, and guide us to the solutions we crave.

While the pentacles are the worldliest of all suits, they use deep mystical imagery just as frequently as the other ones. Although the specific meaning of each card can depend on the other cards that show up in the spread, most pentacle cards have very clear and precise meanings.