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Riley Mcgee
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Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic

career tarot reading career tarot reading

Career Tarot Reading

A career tarot card reading uses specific spreads to help us explore and gain insights into the potential career path, goals and challenges we might face along the way. The career tarot spreads interpret the cards as they represent different occupations, work, environments, skills, and other career-related themes.

The tarot career spread can be used in many different ways, which all depends upon the career tarot questions, needs and preferences. By using specific career tarot questions, people are able to get more than just a general overview of their career path. However, getting a general overview through a career spreads tarot reading is great for those who want to create a good starting point to launch off and discover what unknown doors are open.

There are various common ways to use career tarot spreads by drawing a single career tarot card for daily or weekly guidance or using a spread, which lays out multiple career tarot cards to explore the more specific career tarot questions. These options can also be used to prompt daily journaling or meditation practices.

career tarot reading career tarot reading

Consult a Career Tarot Reader

Tarot readers are trained in using the cards to provide insights, including how they can interpret information in regards to career tarot questions. When reading from multiple cards in a spread, there are more details to the picture to clarify the deeper messages in a reading. Specific cards drawn can shift meaning, depending on when in the reading they are drawn or if their connection to another card has meaning.

There are many insights to gain when getting a reading from the career tarot spreads. We are here to help you understand what types of insights are able to be gained. For those who are not sure of where to take their career, whether they are recent college graduates or someone feeling unfulfilled in their current position, can get a better sense of direction. Insights about strengths and areas of growth, new career opportunities, new career paths, or strategies to overcome challenges. But beyond these general questions, suggestions can be provided if relationships need to be improved in the workplace.

Career Tarot Cards as a Tool

Getting a career tarot reading is most beneficial when used in conjunction with other career exploration tools. They should not be used as a replacement for professional career explorations and planning tools. They should be used as a way to enhance your life journey, and provide clarity along the way when making decisions.

So, let's talk about the benefits of using tarot cards. While using tools such as resume writing software, or job search engines, the career tarot cards can generate new ideas and a fresh perspective on your career. The cards can also align our values and priorities with the decision-making process that involves different career options.

Many common resources, such as training programs, networking events, or professional development courses, can be used in conjunction with the tarot cards to identify which areas of growth will help build those skills. Since career tarot card readings are not a substitute for professional advice and guidance, they are an extraordinary tool to maximize resources and strategies.

career tarot reading career tarot reading

Daily Career Tarot Card Spread

The interpretation of the cards is subjective and can vary depending on the individual and the context. To get the most from a reading, it is important to approach the experience with an open mind and willingness to explore what is possible. A common mistake made in readings, and in our day-to-day lives is the need to confirm preconceived notions. This blocks us from clearly understanding the messages that the universe tries to send us.

3 Card Career Tarot Card Spread

There are many different layouts for spreads with more than two cards. Some are very basic and linear, that provide details about the past, present and future. Other spreads can give insight into mind, body and spirit. Or, the present, the challenges and solutions, which is the spread that many prefer for career tarot questions.

The Three-Card Spread is simple. However, it can be a powerful spread. The most basic of a 3 card career tarot card spread can be performed by first, shuffling your deck and drawing three cards. They are placed in a line from left to right. The first card represents your current situation or state of mind, which begins this linear path towards understanding the journey. The second card represents the challenges or obstacles that you are currently facing, and can be used to decide what skills need to be developed to combat the challenges. Finally, the third card represents the outcome or potential resolution of the situation.

career tarot reading career tarot reading

5 Card Career Tarot Spread

The Five-Card Spread gets more in-depth and helps you gain a more holistic understanding of your career and the potential of where it can go. There are many different types of layouts and An example of a career tarot five-card spread, shuffle your tarot card deck and draw five cards, placing them in a cross shape with one card at the center and the others arranged around it. The center card represents the core issue or theme that you are currently dealing with in your career, and the four outer cards represent the past, present, future, and the underlying cause or influence of the situation.

10 Card Career Tarot Spread

The Ten-Card Spread is building an additional complexity, which is a more comprehensive spread to provide a deeper level of understanding of the career journey. An example of a career tarot ten-card spread, shuffle your career tarot cards and draw ten cards, arranging them in a circle with one card at the center and the others arranged around it. The center card represents the overall theme or focus of the reading, and the outer cards represent different areas of your career, such as your current job, your goals, your challenges, your skills, and your potential opportunities.

career tarot reading career tarot reading

Key Cards in a Career Tarot Spread

Experienced readers know that there are certain cards to look out for when giving a career tarot reading.

The first card that reveals new opportunities, whether it is a promotion or job offer, is the Ace of Pentacles. Second is the card that reveals a possibility for further education or pursuing goals abroad, is the Two of Wands. Third is the card that reveals someone who is in the position of culminating great success and stability in their career, that is the Ten of Pentacles. Fourth is the card that reveals a need to gain control and responsibility by moving forward with intention, this is the Chariot. Fifth is the card that reveals a chance to be seen as a mentor in a group collaboration to share knowledge freely, that is the Three of Pentacles. Sixth is the card that reveals an opportunity to be recognized for success in a public way, that is the Six of Wands. Seventh is the card that reveals moving into a position of more responsibility and power, that card is the Emperor. Eighth is the card that reveals an experience related to travel or moving rapidly, this is the Eight of Wands. Ninth is the card that reveals a good time to focus on developing skills that will enhance your career, this is the Eight of Pentacles. Last but not least is the card that reveals accepting a job offer or business deal, this is the Two fo Cups.

Remember that these are just a few examples of possible career tarot card spreads, and there are many other spreads that you can try as well. The key is to choose a spread that resonates with you and feels appropriate for your needs and goals.
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