Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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Fiery Aries and cool-headed Aquarius might seem like a bad love compatibility, but men and women in these relationships can overcome a lot. In friendships, in bed, and in marriage, these two can make it work.

Aries vs. Aquarius

The Aries-Aquarius connection is an interesting one. When the fiery and passionate Aries meets the cool, cerebral Aquarius, it's a classic case of opposites attracting. Their complementary traits help balance each other. On the other hand, both Aquarius and Aries can be opinionated and stubborn, leading to explosive arguments. When it comes to astrology compatibility, Aries is a fire sign, and Aquarius is an air sign, and this can be a dynamic yet tumultuous combination.

Love and Friendship

The passionate Aries is a fast mover when attraction to someone is instant. This can be disconcerting for an Aquarian, who prefers a slower pace and needs a strong friendship as a base for love. In their favor is that both long for a deep and satisfying relationship and Aries and Aquarius friendship compatibility is strong. Aquarius is a highly intuitive zodiac sign and will quickly sense if sincerity is lacking in the relationship. Similarly, Aries, demands loyalty and can easily become jealous, a trait Aquarius dislikes.

How They Complement Each Other

The Aries partner desires validation and appreciation, and Aquarius does admire the vitality and energy of the Aries partner. In fact, this energy is what inspires Aquarians to reach for loftier dreams, and an Aries partner will be Aquarius' biggest champion. This relationship dynamic correlates to the fire and air combination of these signs — fire needs air to thrive, and air is lifted higher by the heat from a fire.

While the vibrant personality of Aries lights a spark in Aquarius, the deep-thinking Aquarius brings enlightenment to Aries. Aquarians are deeply intellectual and philosophical, and Arians are strongly opinionated. When their ideas differ, the relationship is unlikely to work. However, if their values line up, they can be a very influential force in the world.

Where Aries and Aquarius Differ

When it comes to zodiac compatibility, this is a fascinating match. Arians are born leaders and will take the lead in the relationship. Aquarians don't mind this, but there are times when the Aquarian partner will resist when they strongly disagree on an issue. Both signs are not afraid to speak their mind, and this can lead to conflict in the relationship.

Aries is emotionally expressive, and the aloofness of Aquarius can leave an Aries partner feeling confused. Another issue for an Aries and Aquarius relationship is that Aries is a social butterfly and Aquarius needs time alone. When Aquarius retreats, Aries can misinterpret this as rejection. For this horoscope match to work, the gregarious Aries is going to have to accept that the introspective Aquarius needs space from time to time.

How Romantically Compatible is the Aries-Aquarius Union?

When this duo works, it's a remarkable yet perplexing relationship. Some may struggle to understand how two people with such different personalities got together in the first place. On the plus side, both of these signs love fiercely but express it differently. Both are intelligent, adventurous, fun-loving, and willing to experiment. Aquarians are often eccentric and known to push the boundaries, something that excites Arians. Together, they can be movers and shakers.

This is, however, a difficult and complex match. Aries has a bossy streak, and the free-spirited Aquarius will quickly bolt from a relationship that feels stifling. In addition, the passionate Aries needs a physically and emotionally demonstrative partner and will struggle to "read" the more reserved Aquarius. Aries operates from the heart, and Aquarius is logical and practical.

To overcome their differences and make this horoscope match work, they will each need to understand what makes the other tick and be willing to compromise. If, however, their differences outweigh their similarities, then this may not be the best horoscope compatibility for marriage or a life partnership.

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