Are Aries & Libra Compatible?

Aries Sign Libra Sign

An Aries, born between March 21 and April 19, sees life as a conquest — in business, in friendships, and in romantic relationships. They're ambitious and fearless, pursuing their goals and their relationships with gusto. They don't crave routine or simplicity but are driven in their plans for the future. If an Aries is attracted to a Libra, they've found their astrological opposite and may find the quiet loyalty a comfort.

Aries and Libra Horoscope Compatibility

As an Aries man or woman, you are fiercely competitive, in stark contrast to a Libra, who avoids confrontation at all costs. A Libra believes in fairness and diplomacy and would never fight with someone else for a romantic partner's affections. Where an Aries might get excited at the thought of a romantic rival, a Libra would prefer to act as a peacemaker and have the path to love be calm and fair.

The Aries will look for fun and excitement, asking the new man or woman in their life to go on adventures, to be spontaneous, and to be flexible and take risks together, in and out of bed. Being pursued by an Aries may feel like a whirlwind, with big gestures and activities that are fun and thrilling. For an Aries to attract and keep a Libra, some of that wildness may need tempering. The Libra is willing to question their own habits and join the Aries in astrological compatibility, but the Aries should attempt this more gently than they would if pursuing another horoscope match.

Aries vs. Libra

You, Aries, are fiercely loyal and devotedin love. You see relationships as an all-or-nothing proposition and will remain generous and thoughtful to your compatible match once you've chosen them. A Libra (September 23 to October 22) shares a similar sense of devotion. Libras are naturally drawn toward lifelong commitment and horoscope compatibility for marriage, and feel pulled to strengthening traditions. In an Aries and Libra relationship, the Libra will create and maintain great harmony. They will seek a deep intimate connection and want to spend their whole lives with their chosen partner.

The Libra will want to talk frequently about the course of the relationship and may struggle with indecision and moments where they lose their confidence. The Aries should push back some of their inherent desire to be in the spotlight to ensure the Libra has time to form and express their thoughts. Aries and Libra compatibility requires Aries curbing their instincts sometimes.

The Aries and Libra zodiac compatibility would be strengthened when each partner recognizes and respects the other's style of communication and prioritizes their romantic life philosophies. If the Libra appreciates the Aries intensity and complements that intensity by coming out of their inner shell, they'll find they can be compatible. If the Aries can tone down their competitive nature and avoid angry outbursts and petty arguments, the Libra can focus on their primary objective of peace and harmony.

When each partner in a Libra and Aries relationship is aware of the aspects of their personality that could alienate the other and choose to be open and honest, there's no reason these two zodiac signs can't have a happy life together. The Aries fire and the Libra calm are tempering opposites.

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