Aries and Pisces Compatibility

Aries Sign Pisces Sign

At first glance, an Aries and Pisces connection is an unusual one, as horoscope compatibility is challenged on some levels. The Ram versus the Fish is the first indicator that these two people operate in different realms. The hardy Ram can bolt across rocky terrain with ease, while the lithe Fish glides peacefully through the serene water. If this couple can find a middle ground, they stand a good chance at success in friendships, relationships, and in marriage alike.

Love and Romance

Both these star signs are romantics at heart. The passionate Aries seeks the love of his or her life, and the dreamy Pisces is insearch of a soulmate. As a result, the men and women with these zodiac signs can easily fall in love with each other. The question is — with their unique differences, can they sustain a relationship?

In many ways, their differences help them complement each other. Energetic Aries is the action-oriented visionary and adventurer. They tend to juggle several balls at once which can lead to burnout. Pisces brings a calmer energy that can help center an Aries. Both Aries and Pisces signs are prone to moody spells, but they are able to support each other well. You, Aries, can give a rousing pep talk to a melancholic Pisces, while Pisces can soothe an agitated Aries.

Pisces is a nurturing and compassionate soul. He or she provides a caring safe haven for the Aries partner to come home to. However, because Pisces often place the needs of others before their own, they can become self-sacrificing. When paired with the more self-centered Aries, Pisces needs to guard against allowing a demanding Arian to physically and emotionally deplete them.


Both these signs are intelligent and enjoy stimulating conversation, but differences are evident in their style of communication. Pisces are emotional and sensitive people. They are mindful of how their words and actions affect others, and for that reason, they make thoughtful friends and lovers. Although Aries are also ruled by emotions, theirs are linked to their passionate and expressive nature. Pisces will think before speaking; Aries will shoot from the hip.

Fortunately, Pisces is a sign that is blessed with the utmost patience. Their forgiving nature enables them to tolerate the short-tempered Aries. In addition, Pisces are highly intuitive and will quickly pick up on their partner's moods and sense the reason behind the behavior. This is the saving grace of an Aries-Pisces partnership. However, even the long-suffering Pisces has his or her limits. If pushed too far, he or she will make it clear which boundaries are not to be crossed.

Do Aries and Pisces Get Along?

Aries, a fire sign, dreams big and isn't afraid to go after what he or she wants, both personally and professionally. When it comes to an Aries and Pisces love match, this works well as Pisces prefers to be wooed and the Aries suitor enjoys the chase. Another plus is that Pisces is a receptive yin sign and Aries is an assertive yang sign. This means Pisces is happy for leadership-driven Aries partner to take the reins.

Where they struggle is in their differing values. Pisces may start to feel drained by his or her Aries partner's constant desire to achieve, be it career, money, material possessions, or in bed. Pisces is more interested in spirituality and what the Aries partner may call "airy-fairy stuff." Pisces simply prefers to commune with nature than fight boardroom battles.

An Aries-Pisceshoroscope match is one in which the attributes of both parties balance each other nicely. When it comes to the differences, some compromise is required. For Pisces, compromise comes easily. For Aries, it doesn't. If the Aries partner is willing to meet his or her partner halfway, this can be a beautiful and fulfilling partnership.

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