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aries woman aries woman
The Aries Woman is by no means anyone's softy. With Mars as her planet and fire as her element, there is no one as fierce or strong. Loyalty being her strong suit, she’ll stick by you through thick and thin. She can set your heart aflame while burning away the memories of your past loves. She demands to be a priority in your life. She is ok with being number 2 when it comes to you, but definitely not to anyone else. She won’t be playing second fiddle, ever. As graceful and attractive as she is, she is a ferocious warrior. With Mars being her ruling planet, war is not something that she will shy away from. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Description of an Aries Woman

Fire feeds on oxygen. The Aries woman has the kind of poise and self-confidence about her that sucks up the oxygen in any room. She may struggle to cede the spotlight even when she doesn’t want it. Everyone is naturally drawn to her grace, how she seems to floats across the room, not caring who can see her but also keenly aware that everyone is watching her every move. Every step is purposeful and sure. She has self-confidence about her can rub others the wrong way. She demands respect. Admiration will do in a pinch. But don’t idolize her. She doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. She has enough to contend with being her best self. At her core, she is kind, she is a fiercely protective mother, lover, and friend. To threaten the safety of those that she loves is to ask to see the dark side of the warrior that resides within her.

Negative Traits of Aries Women

The Aries woman being a fire sign, sometimes she can struggle with keeping her inner fire in check. If it’s too low, she risks it being extinguished. If it’s too high, it will burn everything. She loves to feel the heat of a good burn. But she has learned from past experiences that the result of letting her emotions flow too freely can result in ashes. The trouble with allowing her inner flame to become too low is that when it goes out, it can take what feels like an eternity to ignite it again. The cold dark night of the soul is her worst case scenario. As strong as she is, she can be equally vulnerable in an almost childlike manner. It’s not where she wants to be. It’s especially painful for her. She remembers every time that she experienced it. Every single time that her light went out it left a scar on her heart. To the Aries woman, losing her fire is the closest thing to death. Her behaviour may change drastically as she becomes depressed, despondent and loses her drive. That is until she is ignited again.

aries woman compatibility aries woman compatibility

An Aries Woman in Love (and in bed)

As a lover, the Aries woman is not easy to please and can be at times intimidating. She is very selective about her partners. Small details may put her off. You could be Jason Mamoa of Aquaman fame, but if she doesn’t dig beards, she won’t even pay attention to you. She is all about the details. She sees everything. Nothing with her goes unnoticed. As a lover, she is involved, willing, generous, vocal and demanding. Minutemen need not apply here. She’s not a selfish lover either. She expects sex to be a mind-blowing experience that melts the paint off the walls.

Your physical appearance is only part of it. The Aries woman wants a lover who has a sense of intelligence and can carry a conversation. You don’t have to be social outside of the home but have to be willing to talk and listen to her. Because she’s big on details and a great listener she will expect you to be too. Whatever she does for you, coming from the depths of her heart, she also expects in return. Only because of all that she does, she does out of an abundance of love for you. She doesn't have to do it or need to do it. Remember, she has nothing to prove. She sees anything less as you taking her for granted. She may not act on it right away, but she will feel the pain. When she does act on it, you might be left bewildered and confused. The very same woman that gave you everything, did everything, and loved you so completely is now in agony over something that you think is a minor offense. Details matter.

Compatibility with an Aries Woman

You won’t be confused for very long. The Aries woman has no trouble expressing herself. Especially when she feels slighted by the one that she loves. She may initially wait for you to figure it out. She’ll drop hint after hint. Then in one fell swoop, will tell you in great detail just how she feels and why. Even then, she expects honesty first. If you don’t agree, say so. She’s willing to go to battle over her ideals, feelings, and expectations. Few things are as exhilarating as a good fight! What you don’t want to do is give in and not mean it. Whatever you do, don’t pretend to agree if it’s not how you really feel. She would rather argue over an issue for weeks and have it resolved than revisit it again and again. Transparency is not required but helpful. Honesty is the real requirement. She doesn’t tolerate shiftiness anymore than she accepts spinelessness. She will respect your opinions, whatever they might be. Her attraction and love for you won’t be based on what you think but rather who you are. She respects strength above all else. She is especially attracted to self-confidence and self-respect but not narcissism. She’s as demanding with herself as she is with anyone in her orbit. She spends a lot of time in self-reflection, looking at potential outcomes, pitfalls and how to avoid making mistakes. Especially repeating them. She’s not a fan of revisiting history. Once is enough for her.

aries woman in bed aries woman in bed

So how do you get an Aries woman to fall in love with you? Remember, details are everything for the Aries woman. She will be willing to give you the world, but you have to be willing to do the same. At least try. She will fight anyone who stands in your way, who tries to stop or hurt you. You must also be willing to honor her and tell the world that you love her. She will support you through thick and thin, take up any of your causes and see you through to the end, never accepting defeat, never letting you give up. Just remember to make a big deal of her birthday and prioritize her over your buddies. She will give you her body, her heart, and her soul. Don’t be so foolish as to take her for granted. Within her heart is the heat and power of the sun. Even at night, her light shines on the moon. Her love is second to none. Limited only by how receptive and willing you are to let it in.

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