Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

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Virgo and Aquarius are the two most independent signs of the zodiac. Yet men and women of either sign find a strong attraction to one another despite the fact they're complete opposites. Each appreciates the qualities of one another although both may find it takes effort to make a deep connection.

Virgo and Aquarius

The element of Earth is strong in the sign of Virgo. That means men and women who fall under this sign tend to be methodical thinkers who focus on the small details of life and don't always step back to see the bigger picture. Virgos are also healers and caretakers who put their energy into taking care of people often at the cost of their own self. They find that the cerebral nature of the Aquarius is an irresistible temptation and find themselves attracted to the qualities the Aquarius brings to the table. Both will find strong zodiac compatibility in friendships and relationships as the connection deepens.

Aquarius and Virgo are both thinkers, but the Aquarius is more decisive. However, instead of creating resentment, it brings both people together as each seeks to learn what makes each other tick and eventually find love.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius is not always easily found. Aquarius lives off being impulsive and enjoys the thrill of a surprise. This love of adrenaline initially draws the Virgo to the Aquarius, but it can wear down the methodical Virgo over time. A Virgo is a realist who looks for a steadiness and predictability in their relationships. This is oftentimes at odds with the Aquarius who is always looking for something exciting or is always involved in drama of some kind.

These issues aren't necessarily deal breakers for Virgo and Aquarius zodiac compatibility, although they are challenges that need to be overcome if both Virgo and Aquarius are to create a long-lasting connection. Virgo will find that tempering their expectations of the flighty Aquarius leads to harmony and peace in the relationship. However, arguments are frequent, and misunderstandings happen with regularity. Love can blossom between men and women of either sign, friendships tend to be stable, and encounters in bed lead to deep satisfaction.

Virgo and Aquarius Love

Virgo and Aquarius are capable of finding love in a relationship with each other. Men and women who find themselves in the respective roles of Aquarius and Virgo will find themselves playing to the strengths and weaknesses of their sex. A Virgo woman may frequently find herself waiting up for her Aquarius husband to come home after a night out with the boys. He won't see the follies of his action, but his Virgo wife most certainly will and won't let him forget it.

Creating a lasting and loving relationship in these conditions is tough. Both Virgo and Aquarius need to learn about each other and figure out what they need to bring to the relationship. The Aquarius may find that it's too much work to put in the effort whereas the Virgo wants to build a solid and stable relationship. If a Virgo and Aquarius can find common ground with each other, they are more likely to find love and have a lasting marriage.

Virgo and Aquarius is one of the tougher pairings on the zodiac. They can find a strong attraction to each other, but the core nature of both signs means that both parties are likely to make assumptions instead of sitting down and talking to find harmony. 

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