Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo Sign Scorpio Sign

Virgo is an Earth sign while Scorpio is a water sign, but both signs are capable of forming a strong relationship with each other. They find great horoscope compatibility with one another no matter if it's friendships or romantic relationships. The methodical Virgo finds themselves attracted to the quietly intense Scorpio and even recognizes a little something of themselves within the Scorpio.

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgos are quiet personalities and only open up when they find good reason for doing so. They're frequently introverts, but openly anxious and worrisome. While they're known for being talkative, they don't reveal much of themselves to those they don't know very well. A Virgo is a natural caregiver and nurturer, and freely gives of themselves to those in need regardless of personal feelings. However, Virgos don't trust people easily and tend to hold their desires deep within. The Scorpio is drawn to these qualities, as they closely mirror their own nature.

A Scorpio is a water sign and embodies the phrase "still waters run deep." The Scorpio is also reluctant to express emotion to others. A Scorpio prefers working hard, seeking knowledge for its own sake, and acting with certainty. However, a Scorpio is prone to fits of temper, something that the solid and grounded Virgo may not be equipped to handle.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Zodiac compatibility between men and women of either sign is excellent. Both signs play to the strengths of either sex, and love will grow regardless. Virgo and Scorpio are highly driven to find success, satisfaction, and pleasure in life. Both signs seek these and other experiences in a low-key, analytical fashion. Virgo and Scorpio are deep thinkers and enjoy challenging one another to deeper intellectual understanding of any given topic. They find mutual admiration in each other, which leads to bonds of trust and love.

Scorpio is excellent at sensing the needs of the Virgo and bringing them to light for examination and comprehension. In turn, Virgo appreciates the Scorpio for revealing something they held deep within. Most other signs would resent the Scorpio for being prescient and sensitive to private matters, but the Virgo wants someone that can understand them at all levels without drama. This kind of understanding and compassion from the Scorpio will lead the Virgo to greater appreciation and love of their partner.

Virgo and Scorpio in Bed

Virgo and Scorpio are notorious for presenting a neutral face to each other. It's what draws the Scorpio to the Virgo and the Virgo to the Scorpio because of the lack of implication or demand. While this reduces the potential for an emotional argument, it also makes bed a dull place to be. Scorpio is initially attracted to the Virgo for the opportunity to peel back the layers. However, if Virgo resists having those layers peeled back, the Scorpio might lose interest.

Both signs need to have a realistic discussion about their expectations of one another in bed. Scorpio is more than understanding, but Virgo does have to give the Scorpio something to show that they're willing and able to engage in sexual activities that may not always sound like the best idea.

The signs of Virgo and Scorpio ultimately make a good pairing. They're able to understand each other's moods and needs without a lot of drama or effort. It's a meeting of two like-minded people who have what it takes to go the distance in a marriage.

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