Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Virgo Sign Taurus Sign

The Virgo and Taurus compatibility makes the love affair beautiful to behold. The romantic relationship between them has a basis in friendship and is devoid of any eccentricities. Both Virgo and Taurus are sensible and practical by nature and complement each other very well. Virgo's mercurial mind finds solace in Taurus's stolid dependability. Their ability to communicate clearly will help them overcome the differences between them.

Virgo and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility

The Virgo and Taurus astrology compatibility arises from the intrinsic similarity between these two Earth signs. They not only understand one another very well but also make up for each other's shortcomings. Taurus sympathizes with Virgo's nervous, insecure disposition and Virgo finds a soothing strength in Taurus. Your Taurus partner will never spring any nasty surprises to rattle you. They will be kind and thoughtful at every turn and even put up with your penchant of analyzing everything.

To an extent, that is. Your Taurus partner is tolerant, but not a pushover. Taurus is a fixed sign, unlike the mutable Virgo, and if they decide to be stubborn on an issue, you are the one that may have to give way. Fortunately, it will probably be after a long, mutually agreeable discussion. Given the Virgo and Taurus compatibility, you and your Taurus partner will never have any trouble talking things out with each other.

Virgo and Taurus Strengths

Since you are more adaptable than your Taurus partner, you can help them to be less rigid in their thinking and less set in their ways. In their turn, your Taurus partner can help you to tone down your self-criticism. While you can give them a different outlook of the world, they can make you feel safer in it.

Even when in love, Virgo men and women tend to shy away when it comes to sexual relationships. However, the compatibility between Virgo and Taurus and their strong friendships allows them a smooth transition in matters of bed and marriage.

With Taurus, you won't find the whole business frightening or distasteful. With their sensual yet practical natures, Taurus will guide you gently and help you to be less uptight about your sexuality.

The Virgo and Taurus relationship will be successful in other matters as well. Your astrological sign compatibility will be evident in the steady and long-lasting Virgo and Taurus marriage. Your Taurus partner will make your home a peaceful retreat from all worldly troubles.

Virgo and Taurus Weaknesses

While the love compatibility between you and your Taurus partner is wondrous and feels like an almost perfect horoscope match, it's wise not to get too complacent. Don't take your Taurus partner for granted. The symbol of Taurus is the bull, remember, and even the most mild-tempered one can lose it if you annoy him too much.

You can wound your Taurus partner's self-esteem with your tendency to nit-pick things and find flaws. So, tread softly and pick your words with care.

The Virgo and Taurus compatibility will help you to iron out any differences that might arise between you. Fortunately, neither of you is prone to drama; even if your Taurus partner might sulk in silence over a perceived slight, you have to the gift of the gab to draw them out of it. As a result, there are not likely to be too many lingering misunderstandings in the Virgo and Taurus relationship.

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