Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

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The candid Virgo and the gentle Pisces are two of the most well-suited signs on the chart when it comes to zodiac compatibility. As is the case with opposing signs, they thrive on the differences between them. At the same time, this good-natured and easy-going duo must learn to cope with the trials that such differences inevitably bring.

Virgo and Pisces Zodiac Compatibility

The natal chart compatibility of Virgo and Pisces offers these couples a strong potential for marriage. You are both mutable signs, with Mercury ruling over you and Neptune and Jupiter ruling over your Pisces partner. That gives you both open and pliable personalities. Furthermore, Virgo is an Earth sign, and Pisces is a Water sign. Earth and Water tend to have a mutually satisfying and nurturing relationship.

As a Virgo, you are matter-of-fact by nature and like to stay grounded in reality. Your logical mind cares more about the material world than about abstract concepts. You are a hard worker and try to achieve precision and perfection in all that you do. Still, your tendency to see everything in black and white may make you come across as a fault finder to your Pisces partner.

Pisces is an idealist with an intuitive understanding of the world. Your Pisces man or woman knows that there are too many imperfections in life. They, therefore, prefer an inner existence of dreams and fantasies. A Virgo may mistake this for flightiness. In time, however, you will come to understand your partner's gentle, non-judgmental attitude. And they will appreciate the support your sensible approach brings them.

Virgo and Pisces Strengths

Due to the strong astrological sign compatibility between Virgo and Pisces, these men and women will face no problems with transforming their friendships into love relationships. They will share a good intimacy in bed and in marriage.

You and your Pisces partner will derive strength from each other and remain devoted to one another for the long haul. Also, although you enjoy being together, you won't encroach on one another's personal spaces. You will allow the other any alone time they might want.

Along with being kind-hearted and willing to help others, neither of you holds grudges. Your Pisces partner will be warm and emotionally expressive. At your end, you won't hesitate to drop the constant analyzing to follow them in their dreamworld quest. Your steadfast nature will protect your Pisces partner's sensitive, easily wounded soul from any troubles that come your way.

Virgo and Pisces Weaknesses

The Virgo vs. Pisces differences can test your compatibility and even derail the horoscope match. You may become upset with your Pisces partner's airy, impractical attitude. Your partner, in their turn, may wonder why you need to be so impatient and make so many sarcastic comments. Without lightening up and showing mutual tolerance, your relationship will suffer.

To stay together, you must help each other to feel secure and happy in the relationship. Virgos can be outspoken, so you must take care to not hurt your Pisces partner's feelings with inadvertently blurted out remarks. Moreover, you must work toward finding the right balance between personal freedom and mutual dependence. If either of you gets too clingy, you could end up annoying and stifling the other. The capricious nature of your signs might kick in and lead you to take the drastic step of ending the relationship.

By working on resolving your differences, however, your horoscope compatibility can result in a stable marriage filled with happiness. The loyalty and strength you will get from your Pisces partner will transcend all your previous friendships and romantic relationships.

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