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The Libra Woman, symbolized by the Scales, is the fierce lover of the Zodiac. She rises above the horizon as an air element that comes from Venus. Everything the Libra woman does is with her entire heart and soul. Get ready for an incredible journey into the misunderstood Libra Woman. Famous Libra women include Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian and Kate Winslet.

The Description of a Libra Woman

The Libra woman is proud, self-aware and ever on the move. Always improving herself in life, never satisfied for halfway, she strives for perfection. She can be a taskmaster with those that work for her. She expects everyone to be as en pointe as she is, as if it came naturally to everyone else. She's a determined, self-motivated dynamo with energy that rivals the Energizer Bunny. The Libra woman is social, gregarious even, and completely fearless in the face of crowds or individuals. And that's just how she is at work.

At home, she is the caretaker, homemaker, the doting mother, wife, or girlfriend. Everything that she does, she puts her whole heart and soul into. Love is no exception. Be it the love of a friend, a child, or a lover, her heart is full and always open. She gives of herself so completely and outrageously that she can even overwhelm the people that she loves the most. On top of that, her observational skills are first-rate. She's a hawk with night vision, and nothing escapes her gaze. This is aided by her extraordinary sense of intuition, allowing her to read those around her with great accuracy. As far as memory goes, well, her ability for recalling past events are comparable to an elephant.

The Libra Woman’s Negative Traits

Like most of us, the Libra woman is not flawless. Unfortunately, she, too, can have a darker side. Her wholeheartedness and perfectionism can lead her to be possessive, jealous, and even overbearing. She often believes that only she knows what is best to the point where she’ll railroad those around her. While she's usually right, her methods can seem on the firm side, which is why many find the Libra woman intimidating. She's no slouch. In friendships, love, and most all relationships, she is generous, caring, loving, and infinitely compassionate. She doesn't give up on friends or lovers easily. You don't want to push your luck, though. When she feels that the time has come to put an end to things, she will without a second glance or look back.

libra woman libra woman

The Libra Woman in Bed

The Libra woman in bed is relentlessly passionate. In case you already forgot, she's quite literally from Venus, the goddess, connected to beauty and femininity. Now, it's debatable who is owns the bedroom when it comes to the zodiac, but with Libras, you can be ready to have your greatest expectations are to be blown to smithereens.

The Libra Woman Appearance

Many have wondered: Why are Libras so attractive? The answer is that a Libra woman is very confident in her appearance. She knows she’s got it. Her good looks are in part due to genetics and in part due to her sexy self-confidence and impeccable sense of style. Her beauty shines. She can be subtle in her use of makeup, but still command the stares of passers-by. She's especially fond of high-quality fabrics, and goes for the best where possible. A Libra woman's closet is usually filled to the brim with a flawless wardrobe.

description of a libra woman description of a libra woman

How To Get a Libra Woman To Fall In Love

The way to a Libra woman's heart is first through her mind. She's a brilliant woman who is always on the move. Getting her attention can be challenging. Thankfully, she's quite social, so becoming her friend is easy. Stay close, keep interacting, talking, and communicating. Let her get to know you. Let her ask you deep probing questions about what makes you tick. Be ready for some uncomfortable conversations about life, philosophy, spirituality, and questions like do you love and adore animals? How well-read are you? Do you prefer postmodern or mid-century furniture? What are your thoughts on how many shoes a woman can own? She’ll delve into every topic, every thought process, anything that you can imagine sharing with another person. And that’s just in your first phone call!

By the time that you see one another and seal the deal, the anticipation will be all be blinding. Your first date will be filled with such intensity, that it will forever remain a blur in the light of her vivaciousness. The moment you touch is when you begin to believe in magic. The kind of life-changing magic that opens your eyes as if they were covered in scales. The kind of magic that loosens your heart and instantly tells you, “I am home.” A Libra woman loves like no other. It's an all-consuming, earth-shattering, beautiful, and creative energy that heals and gives life all at once.

You'll find that a Libra woman's behavior is unlike anyone else you’ve ever met. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She's known to be fearless, and a warrior but is also the most loving, caring, and wonderful friend, sister, lover, partner, mother of all time. These are just the facts of the Libra woman.

Libra Woman Compatibility

Libra women are generally thought to be most compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius men. But it's not a hard and fast rule.

What she truly wants is a gentle and loving partner. Someone that will allow her to be at rest. She doesn't want a competitor at home. She may be a warrior, but she doesn't like fighting at home. If she senses that in you, you're halfway out the door, because the Libra woman is not desperately on the lookout for a mate. She prefers letting the universe run its course and trusts that destiny, nature, and the world will provide her with the right person at the right time. She's as happy to follow as she is to lead. It's all about love. Love to all living things. Love as a guiding tool. Love is the be-all and end-all. That is her guiding light.

For a more in-depth reading about the Libra woman in your life, or if you are one and need some guidance from someone who “gets” you, write or speak with me (link below) or one of our other experienced astrologists today.

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