The Scorpio Woman

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The Scorpio Woman, symbolized by the Scorpion, is a fantastic mix of practical and passionate, sensitive and powerful. She has a tough armor that protects her sensitive inner-being. Her zodiac sign is ruled by Pluto and her element is water. She’s a mystery that is wrapped in an enigma. Famous examples are Gwendoline Christie, Julia Roberts, and Scarlett Johansson.

All About Scorpio Women

We’ve all heard stories about Scorpios. How they bite, pinch and can turn cold on a dime. Though that may be partially true, there is much more to them than that. You may find a Scorpio woman intimidating but know that, by her very nature, she is soft-hearted. She starts out her life more sensitive than any of the other Zodiac signs. She feels everything to the core of her being. Though she grows a formidable armor— pincers and a tail that will deliver a lethal dose of pain and suffering—she still feels every single word, emotion and thought sent her way. She has no effective defenses. So you tell me: what is a girl to do? The very best that she can. With a Scorpio woman, you can have it all. Heaven or Hell. The choice is strictly yours.

Facts About The Scorpio Woman

She’s a dreamer who can escape into a different world, filled with possibilities, passion, and desire. Nothing feels as good to her as to be wrapped up, entangled, lost in love with a partner who is as willing to share as she is. Travel is not only a desire but a requirement. She’s determined, stubborn, and durable.

Her observational skills are top-notch. She’ll notice if you gained a new wrinkle, if a hair is out of place, and especially if you happen to be lying about where you were last night. Don’t even bother trying to hide the truth from her. When she’s made a choice, she sticks to it. Just make sure you’re not in the way! Whether it’s regarding love, job or anything else, once she makes up her mind, there’s no changing it. But this especially so with matters of the heart. No one in the world can change her trajectory.

When it comes to her children, she will give herself up as a living sacrifice for their safety and well being, even if it meant giving up her own life. As long as she knows that her children will be safe, healthy, and happy. She’s the mother who jumps in front of a car to save her baby; the mother who fights off a Grizzly bear with a broomstick. If you’ve ever seen ever seen a mother act fearlessly in the face of danger when everyone else is running the other way, chances are that she’s a Scorpio. When it comes to protecting those she loves, the Scorpio woman is fearless like no other.

scorpio woman scorpio woman

Scorpio Woman Compatibility

It is often said that they are most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces men, and with good reason. The Cancer man will be in love with her passion and strength. The Virgo man will respect her no-nonsense approach to life and will enjoy having a partner that can tangle with him and keep him in line. The Capricorn man will be fascinated by her depth, her passion but might be at risk of idealizing her. Every Scorpio is different. So it’s not a hard and fast rule as far as who you might be best with. Try to find out with one of our resident astrologists for a more in-depth idea of where you might be based on your birthdates.

Scorpio Woman Negative Traits

We all have them. The Scorpio woman is no exception. She may not have deserved quite the level of shade thrown her way, though. Her negative traits tend to come up and out when she’s under pressure. Mind you that doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time for that process to build and for the venom to be deployed.

Contrary to what most think, a Scorpion in the wild does not readily use its venom. It requires a great deal of energy to make and takes a toll to replenish. As such, the Scorpio woman is not too eager to lash out. Preferring to wait, see and hope for a resolution in her favor. The other major downfall of the Scorpio Woman is that she can sometimes obsess about love. How that love can become her ideal, her escape, and a safe place where the troubles of the world no longer affect and wear on her. We covered earlier how she has no defense against the words, emotions, and intentions of others. The truth is that love and being in love, sharing a passionate relationship with a mate is the one thing that can keep her safe, happy, secure, and inoculate her against all pain. So she will gravitate towards that kind of relationship early, cautiously and slowly but when she’s in, she doesn’t let go. And why would she? Happy and in love is when she’s the most at peace and most comfortable.

description of a scorpio woman description of a scorpio woman

The Scorpio Woman In Bed

She’s the kind of gal who will say no to every single suiter. She will remain a virgin if need be. The mate that she seeks has to be the one to awaken ALL of her senses. When that happens, you may have to have all of your mail redirected to her bed. You aren’t going anywhere. Not anytime soon.

The Scorpio Woman Appearance

She has a natural, unforced beauty about her. Being natural and grounded is essential to her. When the mood strikes her, she can stop traffic with her looks, energy, and presence.

How to Make a Scorpio Woman Fall in Love With You

You don’t. You can’t. It’s going to be her call. You won’t even know if you have a chance until she’s ready to let you in. She’ll make it exceptionally difficult to get close to her. She will respect a potential mate who shows consistency, patience, and determination. Fail and she won’t even give you a chance. She will make it difficult on purpose. Jumping through hoops is only the beginning. You’ll be expected to show courage, determination, depth, and intelligence on a level that no one has ever demanded of you before. She’s not interested in finding out later that you lack in any area. She wants to know now. Once she joins with you, it’s for life, so she’s not going to make it easy. It’s up to you to prove yourself.

A Scorpio woman’s behavior is not set in stone. They are not all the same. Some variables can confuse the most gifted of Astrologers or expert advisors. The Scorpio woman is so in-depth and complex that very few ever know what to make of them. It’s not unusual for even their mates, after many years of love and interacting to be left scratching their heads, wondering just who it is that they are dealing with. A Scorpio woman is always changing, evolving, and growing. An excellent description of a Scorpio woman would be the ever-changing one. Continually growing and becoming more than she once was.

The Scorpio Woman in Love

Now that you have her in your life be extra careful how you handle her. She’s sensitive, sweet, kind, and caring. Sure, she has a tough side, but who on this planet doesn’t? Her weapons are visible for everyone to see. She’s not hiding who and what she is. It’s not like she has retractable claws (I’m looking at you Leos)—she’s transparent about her intentions. Yes, the Scorpio woman can seem intimidating. She's always straightforward about what she wants, expects, and hopes for. Her behavior is not hard to understand. In her presence, you’ll find a partner that will give everything of herself to you. Be it her money, energy, time, and even her hope for a future. As long as she knows that you’re in it with her, she’s ok.

She understands the need for sacrificing the self for the greater good of the whole, i.e. her immediate family and mate. If you’ve heard horror stories about dating a Scorpio woman, those undoubtedly stem from men who didn’t value their own Scorpio women. They most likely made some crucial mistakes: Taking advantage of the Scorpio women’s kindness, thinking of them as weak or insecure, or believing that they could do whatever they wanted, however they wanted. That’s when you get stung. That’s when the pincers that once protected you from predators are now turned on you. If that happens, then it’s already too late. You’ve already lost the best thing that ever happened to you.

If you admire, appreciate, love and even adore your Scorpio woman, you’ll have a partner that loves you, simply adores you, will stand by you no matter what, will always push for what is best for the unit and not just herself, and will share the most intense and passionate sex you’ll ever have. If you’re so fortunate to have such a woman in your life, treasure and protect her as she would you. Do that, or suffer the sting and the venom that will surely follow.

For a more in-depth reading about the Scorpio woman in your life, or if you are a Scorpio woman and need some guidance from someone who “gets” you, write or chat with Zuco or one of our other astrology readers today.

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