How to Win the Heart of a Taurus Woman

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The Taurus woman is the strong mother of the Zodiac. Deep, intense and secure. Having earth as her element, she’s nurturing, caring and full of love. She's born of the planet Venus. She’s passionate, a true believer in romance and a dreamer. She is a fixed sign. This makes her a strong, stable determined, and persistent. She gets what she wants and doesn’t ever give up!

Unique Traits of a Taurus woman

No two Taurus women are exactly alike. With that being said, you could probably spot them in a group if you tried. They are the ones who are quietly confident, very social and never alone. They don’t seek out attention or hope to be the life of the party, but they won’t shy away from it either. Famous examples are Queen Elizabeth II, Gal Gadot and yes, even Melania Trump. Do you see a pattern here? Strong, determined, rising above the established norms and fearless in the face of anything.

The Taurus woman is well known for her protective nature. If you are her child, you already know that. The last thing that you want to do is get too close to her children. Whether or not you mean well is irrelevant. She will protect her children at all costs, even when they are wrong. They are not the type to correct or discipline a child publicly or privately. For as strong as the Taurus woman is, she is a softy in the face of her own offspring. They get a pass, every time. They are not the taskmasters or overbearing mothers of old. Oh no. They can even overindulge them in the hopes of protecting them from perceived pain and danger. If she could, she would keep her children at home forever. At least that way, she knows that they would be safe.

Win the Heart of a Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman as a partner is another matter entirely. First, you have to be so lucky to get her attention. She’s especially picky. Easily put off. Even if she finds you attractive, she won’t say yes. There is always that period of time between you first come into her field of vision and when she’s ready to let you in. It’s not uncommon for a potential partner to wait weeks or months before the Taurus women will give them the green light. She’ll watch you from afar. She’ll measure you up while also imagining what it would be like to be with you. She’ll debate every potential for success and failure. She will feel you out, quite literally with her heart. Everything for the Taurus woman comes down to feelings. Not by thought but what comes through her heart. If you give her a bad vibe, if you make her feel uneasy or weird, you should give up while you are ahead. The alternative is a head butt. On the other hand, if she is shy, avoids eye contact, smiles and looks away, then you know that she’s interested but not quite ready yet. She’s working it out. Trying to feel secure in herself. She won’t jump in head first. No way. She has to feel good about it before she lets you in her heart. She wants to experience every moment with both eyes open. For as strong as she is, she can be equally sensitive. You may never see that side of her. Even after many years together, as one, also when you think you know her, you may never see the softer, more vulnerable side of the Taurus woman. She guards that part of herself fiercely.

taurus woman compatibility taurus woman compatibility

Negative traits of a Taurus Woman

You do not tell the Taurus woman what to do. She tells you. She finds a way to do what she wants, when she wants, one way or another. That’s the hard truth about interacting with her. She may be game to try something new. She may be up for a challenge or an adventure. But she will not be made to do what she doesn’t want. If you try to force her, be prepared for resistance, feedback and a lot of pushback. You would think that someone who values their independence wouldn’t try to impose their will on you. You’d be wrong. The Taurus woman can sometimes be overly confident in herself, thus imposing what she thinks and feel is right on others. She’s not trying to be a bully and doesn’t believe that she is doing anything wrong. She just thinks that if it’s right and it’s best for one and all, that it should be done according to her wishes. She’s humble by nature but can get stuck in her own worldview. Because she’s a fixed sign, getting her to open her mind on ideas or seeing the other side of a coin can become especially challenging. She’s an emotional woman, even if she doesn’t act like it. Every belief, everything is associated with feelings. Changing her views is difficult because of the psychological consequences of changing the way that she sees the world. Everything is pretty much tied together in very complex ways. Changing a significant viewpoint could result in the unraveling of a belief system that she has taken a lifetime to put together. Tread carefully and pick your battles wisely. Some things aren’t worth arguing over.

A Taurus Woman in Love

In love, the Taurus woman is very giving and generous. She will go out of her way to show you the best of her traits, gifts, and talents. She will want to go on adventures with you, see the world, paint the town red and eat well. Taurus women love to enjoy life with their partners. Whether it be eating out, dancing, concerts or vacations, she wants to do it with the one that she loves. She’ll overlook every one of your flaws in the hopes that they get resolved on their own. She’s not one to focus on the negatives, be in people or things. As far as a Taurus woman in bed, expect a dynamic, deep and passionate love affair. Someone who doesn’t hold back, she goes for it all and feels everything deeply. She’s happiest at home, with a loyal partner who loves her as much as she loves them. Her strengths are yours to enjoy. Her passion is as endless as the horizon. As long as you are willing, so is she.

taurus woman in bed taurus woman in bed

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