The Complete Guide To Loving a Virgo Woman

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Ah, the lovely Virgo woman. Let’s start off with a brief description of a Virgo woman. Ruled by Mercury, the maiden is as well-grounded as she is an earth sign. It’s hard not to love this down to earth virgin of the Zodiac. Pure of heart and mind, she’s a unique combination of love and intellect. Famous examples include Lily Tomlin, Pippa Middleton, and Beyonce.

A Virgo Woman’s Behaviour

When it comes to the behavioral traits of this sign a brief description of a Virgo woman just won’t due. She’s a planner. Calm under pressure, nothing outwardly phases her. She likes to see things in their proper place and love is no exception. The Virgo woman is not a big fan of surprises, especially the kind that can cause problems she later has to solve. While she’s a natural problem solver, the Virgo woman prefers calm waters over wild ones.

A Virgo Woman In Love

If you were wondering how to get a Virgo woman to fall in love, it may take more work than expected. With a heart full of love and compassion, one might think that she’s an easy score or target but nothing could be further from the truth. She’s brilliant. She’s learned her lessons before. She’s a quick study too.

As much as she’ll cry at a drop of a dime, she’ll also dry those tears real quick if she feels the need to switch to her logical side. You’ll often find her in managerial roles in the office or the person who keeps everything together. Nothing is ever out of whack if she’s in charge. She’s not a control freak though. She likes to see people do their own thing, she loves to be inspired and to observe the rest of us take chances. She’ll follow you into that raft down the white waters or squeeze into that seat next to you on the roller coaster. She just won’t be the one to take you there. She’s the very best person that you can bring along on an adventure of any kind. She’s game if you are. Just don’t abandon her or leave her second-guessing where she stands with you.

virgo woman virgo woman

Virgo Woman Compatibility

Loyalty is the key to having any kind of relationship with her. She takes it for granted that you might be as loyal as she is. She’s loyal by default. Only distancing herself if you show her a need to be cautious about your intentions or actions. She sees the best in people out of the gate. She’s also quite intuitive. If she senses that you might be a danger to her, it will be a real uphill battle to get in her circle. It may never happen. First impressions are everything to the Virgo woman. Once burned, she doesn’t give you a second chance. You may as well not even exist.

Because her ruling planet is Mercury, she’s an especially great communicator. It’s a vital part of who and what she is. It’s actually an essential component of any of her relationships. She doesn’t do well with silence. If you want to be her friend, you must be able to convey how you feel and what you need. Confusion doesn’t go over so well for her. This is one of the reasons why Virgos are so attractive

Virgo Woman In Bed

In love, she is very giving, heartfelt, complete in her understanding of what love is and what it is not. She is not an actual virgin in every sense of the word. Even if her heart remains like that of a sweet maiden, she can share in any of your hot and heavy fantasies. She’s exclusive and picky so don’t expect her to just explore with you unless she loves you. Love for her means forever. It’s not about the one night stand, not about FWB. Not her. Nope. It’s forever or nothing. She will put her all into a potential relationship. As long as she feels and knows that there is hope and it’s real, she’s game. She’ll do whatever it takes, wait as long as she lives for that one person. She’ll ignore, reject and push away anyone else for that one promise of true love.

While she may seem like the perfect specimen, be aware that the Virgo woman’s negative traits do exist, deep beneath the surface.

It’s hard to be as grounded in reality as the Virgo women tend to be. Though she can dream, she remains firmly attached to her sense of responsibility. She tries not to deviate from them as much as possible. Doing what is right is more important to her than doing what she wants. As a mother, she is doting but firm. As a lover and partner, she is equally loving but has high expectations of the one that she loves. This is not a relationship where you will be free to make mistakes, explore your options or figure out what it is you want after the fact. If she is with you, it’s a lifelong commitment, and she expects the same in return. If you begin the descent towards self-destruction or destruction of the relationship, she may not waste a lot of time trying to help you find yourself. As much as it will hurt her, she’ll gracefully move on and leave you where you are.

One more of the many interesting facts about Virgo women is that they’re all about aesthetics. If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘why are Virgos so attractive?’ It’s probably because you've been captured but their natural beauty. For a Virgo woman appearance means a lot and they not only know how to take care of themselves, but they love doing it too.

description of a virgo woman description of a virgo woman

To Sum Up Being Involved With A Virgo Woman

You could know all about Virgo women, but the main constant in relationships for this sign is Love, it means everything to her. It’s a driving force that pushes her past her boundaries, that motivates her to be her best self. Stability is key. If she wants you, no one else will do. If she sees you, no one else exists. If she chooses you, love her back, completely and without reservation. Everything that you put in, she will give you back tenfold. Such is the way of the Virgo woman.

If you’ve found yourself in love with a Virgo Woman, wanting to attract her into your life for the long run, a detailed astrology reading from a professional astrologer can give you greater insight into how to win her heart.

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