Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility requires a mutual desire for freedom and trust. In these friendships and relationships, Aquarius men and women are not typically inclined to lie or hide things from their partners. Their ability to intuitively understand the thoughts and feelings of people they are close to is unmatched by any other sign on the zodiac. Possessiveness in relationships, friendships, or a marriage between two Aquarius goes against the nature of those born under this water-bearer sign, and it will likely not be something that can be sustained.

Aquarius vs. Aquarius

Aquarius men and women love to help others. Usually reserved and shy, Aquarius are often considered aloof, when in fact they are simply trying to find a quiet place to unwind. They are easily inspired by the energy surrounding them, and can at times surprise others with their passionate nature.

Aquarius have an innate ability to look at situations objectively, allowing them to resolve issues within their relationships as well as an ability to help resolve others' conflicts. They are far-sighted and recognize the value in visualizing their goals to map out how to get to where they want to be. 

Pros In an Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

There are many positives to Aquarius and Aquarius relationships. Friendships and business partnerships often work well, as both are very helpful and cheerful towards each other, especially if engaged in shared interests.

Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility can bring challenges. In romantic relationships, spouses and lovers may occasionally have difficulties in marriage and bed, but their cool nature allows them to overcome these issues.

Aquarius men and women are always striving for the impossible and dreaming of something new. They rarely lie and always stand behind any decision or statement they make. Those born under this sign have been known to occasionally waver on the edge of insanity and genius.

They have a unique way of looking at life that individuals under other zodiac signs struggle to understand. They are very outgoing, value their independence, and are willing to push the limits to reach their goals, even if those goals are not necessarily practical. 

Cons In an Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

In relationships, sharing many of the same negative traits can lead to controversy with Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility. Men and women in an Aquarius and Aquarius relationship have strong personalities and big egos, making it easy for each of these character traits to lead to larger issues.

From an outside perspective, men and women in an Aquarius and Aquarius partnership may appear selfish, but this trait often gets overlooked by both partners. They are game for adventure together as long as both are interested in what they are doing. Aquarius thrive on taking things to the extreme in friendships, relationships, marriage, and bed, and will fulfill the desires of each other as if they were their own.

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