Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

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The love between Virgo and Aquarius is a complicated one. While both value intelligence and taking action, these signs are opposite to one another in almost every aspect including their guiding elements. The lack of astrological compatibility between them can be a blessing or a curse. Virgo and Aquarius compatibility requires asking the age-old question: Do opposites attract?

Aquarius vs. Virgo

Aquarius is an air sign symbolized by the water bearer and is known as a creative sign that delights in the unexpected. Aquarius values personal improvement and is committed to social and political advancement. They are natural leaders because of their ability to thrive on change. These qualities can keep relationships feeling fresh, both romantic and in bed. However, Aquarius' desire for change can create instability in their personal lives.

Virgo is an earth sign symbolized by the maiden and is characterized by hardworking and deep-thinking traits. These men and women excel at planning and organization and are extremely dependable and efficient. Their meticulous attention to detail makes them highly capable of finding solutions to problems. However, Virgo's inclination toward analytical thinking can cross the line into overthinking, leading them to avert issues and create personal distress for themselves and those around them.

An Aquarius and Virgo relationship is unique because both are different in some aspects and similar in others. When it comes to predicting Aquarius and Virgo compatibility, it is almost certain that relationships will either be extremely hot or cold. For these men and women, there is rarely a middle ground. 

Aquarius and Virgo Relationship Values

Both Aquarius and Virgo value rationality and critical thinking, but each show their convictions in very different ways. Virgo's desire for structure causes them to make pragmatic and precise decisions, satisfying their desire for control down to the last detail. Aquarius are critical thinkers but are willing to throw themselves into something without being sure of the outcome. While Virgo does not like leaving things up to chance, Aquarius can rationalize making calculated risks if the potential reward outweighs the cost. The inherent differences in these approaches can be either very good or very bad. These men and women might make an amazing team, with Aquarius coaxing Virgo to take rewarding chances and Virgo keeping Aquarius from taking on more than they can handle, but their differences may create rifts and cause both partners to feel isolated and misunderstood. How these interactions are addressed will define the sustainability of Aquarius and Virgo relationships, friendships, and marriage.

Aquarius and Virgo In Bed

When it comes to sex, an Aquarius woman and Virgo man can struggle to find a good rhythm with one another. Aquarius is a sign that is quick to take action, while Virgo tends to contemplate their best course before beginning. This can lead to awkward situations if Aquarius feels like there is a lack of reciprocity for their passion and Virgo can't find a comfortable pace. Because of this, Aquarius and Virgo love compatibility requires a deep emotional and mental connection to support the foundation for satisfying sexual chemistry.

In perfect circumstances, Aquarius and Virgo can create a powerful duo. Both signs carry ambition and drive that can take them very far, both individually and together. However, they can just as easily clash with one another so badly that progress cannot be made. No matter the dynamic, Aquarius and Virgo will learn a lot from meeting each another and their relationships will certainly be memorable.

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