Are Aquarius & Libra Compatible?

Aquarius Sign Libra Sign

Rebels in love! These two are the very definition of a wild and whirlwind romance. Everything is life in the fast lane for these two, up to and including breakups. But, if an Aquarius and a Libra are dedicated to each other, they can make that initial spark last a lifetime.

Aquarius and Libra in Love

Spontaneous Aquarius may find it difficult to understand indecisive Libra. These two signs work well together and have a strong horoscope compatibility because they draw out the best in each other. Aquarius's "screw what the world thinks" mentality will be incredibly appealing to self-conscious, nervous Libra. Libra's detached attitude is perfect for Aquarius, who hates to be pinned down to anything. Marriage is a concern with these two given that Aquarius will often consider it old-fashioned and useless, while marriage is very important to Libra. An emotional connection and good communication between these women and men can help patch over any problems.

Aquarius and Libra in Bed

Libra's need to be desired, loved, and wanted by the world at large will put some pressure on sex life with this couple. Libra tends to worry about what everyone else thinks, so will either be very shy or very outrageous for show. This will annoy Aquarius, whose punk-like sensibilities of rebellion and rejection of taboos is genuine and authentic. Aquarius will find Libra's showboating something of a turnoff because it doesn't feel real. However, these two are able to express their hidden desires to each other, so this pair is willing to experiment. Their sex life will be as adventurous as they both would like it to be.

Aquarius and Libra Friendship

Aquarius and Libra can create wonderful friendships together, as both signs are very well suited to each other in this way. Libra tends to love curling up with a book, while Aquarius has all the answers. They understand each other very well and are totally supportive of one another. This is a pairing that rarely argues and tends to become fast friends upon first meeting. This is a particularly good friendship between members of the opposite sex. Aquarius's stubborn streak might frustrate Libra, but the two of them are like peas in a pod when any difficulties are to be overcome.

Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

Strong, yet feminine Libra tends to attract tech-motivated, entrepreneurial Aquarius. These two make a very strong couple in that both are fairly traditional stereotypes and create a sort of powerful dynamic. Quirky Libra appeals to Aquarius's lust for adventure, while both are capable of keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground. These two are exactly the sort of people you imagine when you're thinking of an ideal couple. They are particularly good with money, and anything they undertake together is likely to succeed, including marriage.

Aquarius Woman and Libra Man

The patient and submissive Libra man is the perfect match for the headstrong, logical Aquarius woman. This is a wonderful pairing by all accounts in love, in bed, and with finances. His love of justice appeals to her humanitarian side, and the two of them want to save the world together. Aquarius values her independence above all things, while Libra prefers to avoid confrontation, so these two are usually fantastic together. Their communication is strong, and their relationships tends to be enduring.

Aquarius and Libra value many of the same things in life. This makes them ideally suited to one another when it comes to horoscope compatibility. As long as both are willing to understand each other, this is a relationship made in the stars.

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