Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer Sign Leo Sign

These two signs may be neighbors on the Zodiac wheel, but it doesn't mean that Cancer and Leo get along. The compatibility between these two can depend on a number of things.

When a Cancer woman and Leo man get things right, the relationship can be amazing. When a Cancer man and Leo woman work out their differences, it can lead to a relationship for the ages. The trick is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this pairing.

Cancer and Leo Zodiac Compatibility

When a water sign falls for a fire sign, things are bound to get steamy. The nature of a Cancer means that you like stability and strong roots so that you can feel emotionally nourished. To some, you can appear a little moody at times. But those who love you understand that you just feel things very deeply.

Leo men and women are fiery characters with big personalities. Passionate and sexual, they can be extremely attractive to everyone they meet, and it's hard to tie them down. It's a match that can lead to great friendships and relationships if you're both on the same page. Otherwise, it could boil over into hurt feelings and confusion.

Cancer and Leo Strengths

Leos crave attention, and this can sometimes hide a deeper emotional insecurity. Cancers have an uncanny ability to understand this need and give their Leo lovers what they need.

What Leo need is usually attention, applause, and praise. Leos thrive when they have a supportive partner who encourages them in everything they do. Cancers enjoy having someone they can pour all of their love into, especially when the object of their love is inspired to go on and do great things.

When the balance is right, you two are a perfect team. You've got strong, stable roots, but you also go out and have a lot of fun together. For friends, this means a relationship where the two of you support each other and raise each other up over the years. In a romantic pairing, this can mean a passion that retains its spark long after other relationships might have burned out.

Whatever happens, this is one pairing that you're unlikely to ever forget.

Cancer and Leo Weaknesses

What happens when the balance isn't right? Sometimes, a Leo will try to make everything all about them. A Cancer will only indulge them for so long before they start to feel like things are unfair.

Because you're a water sign with emotions that run very deep, it can really hurt when you feel you're being treated unfairly. This can lead to arguments — you want to stay in and spend more quality time together, but the Leo wants to go out and look for adventure.

The journey isn't always easy for a Cancer and a Leo. It's not generally regarded as one of the better combinations in the zodiac. However, with some communication, trust, and mutual respect, these two can be an unstoppable pair.

This is one of those pairings with high risk but also the possibility of high reward. Cancer and Leo don't often have low-stakes relationships. The two of you will inspire each other to be passionate, and this can lead to things getting really heated in bed. If you learn to talk, to listen, and to accept each other's differences, this could be the relationship of a lifetime, possibly even marriage.

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