Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Cancer is a water sign, while Sagittarius comes from fire. At first, it may seem like one would extinguish the other. However, both of these elements can learn to work together and enjoy harmony in their friendships, relationships, and marriage. At first, men and women from these signs may have a hard time together, especially as you, a Cancer, learn to understand the free ways of a Sagittarius. However, they both have a lot more in common than they think.

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

As a Cancer, you crave emotional stability and safety. You have worked hard to establish close friendships and continue to maintain your family ties because you value the support that these people give you. You are known for giving just as much back because you acknowledge and care about those who are close to you. It is only natural that you would apply this to your romantic relationships, as well. As a result, you may want a commitment before your Sagittarius partner is ready.

Relationships are about compromise, and you may find that you bring out the best traits in your Sagittarius partner and they do the same for you. For example, you may not be very adventurous, but your partner can inspire you to try new things in bed. However, this doesn't just apply to intimacy. Adventure can mean anything from sampling new foods to taking trips to exotic locations. Similarly, Cancer and Sagittarius friendships can be well-balanced because one person keeps the other grounded, while the other tries to push the limits for both of them.

Cancer and Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius by nature is a fire sign, which means that your partner, whether male or female, is likely to be passionate and excited. They may be more adventurous than you at first and not sure about the commitment. However, as your Sagittarius significant other starts to fall in love, they will fall hard, and they will be willing to commit if it means spending more time with you.

When it comes to physical intimacy, Cancer can make Sagittarius feel special, fun, and valued. The adventurous side of the Sagittarius is encouraged, rather than stifled. Meanwhile, a Cancer can learn to take steps out of their comfort zone, as long as they are in the caring hands of the Sagittarius that they trust.

How Cancer and Sagittarius Handle Conflict

It is not very common for men and women under Cancer and Sagittarius to think about marriage, and many couples who do so have noticed higher levels of conflict. One of the most important aspects of a relationship for a Cancer is trust. Without trust, a Cancer has no reason to invest in a relationship and will have a hard time forgetting about the damage that has been done. Unfortunately, a Sagittarius doesn't like to be tied down at first and may be reluctant to prove to their Cancer partner that they can be trusted. As a result, many relationships end prematurely because Cancer partners feel like they can't invest in their Sagittarius significant others.

It is important for a Sagittarius to keep this in mind if they want to work together with a Cancer. While it helps if the Cancer is particularly forgiving, it always helps when there is less to forgive.

Just because the relationship between you and your Sagittarius partner is a little uncommon, it doesn't mean it can't work out. Many happy couples of opposing signs have thrived together and used their differences to support one another. If you really care about your Sagittarius better half and they feel the same, things should work out.

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