Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

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While every relationship is unique, there are certain patterns that arise when two signs come together. Relationships between Cancer and Scorpio are no different.

As a Cancer, you are dating someone within your water element. While this leads to certain similarities in behavior, it can also cause friction when two similar characteristics clash. Use this guide to better understand your sign, and learn how your Scorpio significant other affects you and your relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Factors

Cancer and Scorpio are two of the most jealous signs. People in these relationships are likely to feel insecure at first, or develop feelings of insecurity when they feel like their relationship isn't as strong as it once was.

However, the cure for jealousy is trust. When people in Scorpio and Cancer relationships work together and form a strong foundation of trust and communication, they can set aside the feelings of jealousy. When they feel the love from their partner, they will know that their feelings were unfounded. 

Understanding Conflict in Cancer and Scorpio Relationships

When it comes to Cancer and Scorpio love compatibility, both signs put up a thick defensive wall. They do not like to be vulnerable and may hide their anger and distress from the world outside.

For Cancer, the defensiveness comes from a need to maintain strong relationships and retain the support system that they have built. For your Scorpio partner, the barrier is a reflection of how much he or she values trust. Trust is important not just to stave off jealousy, but also to feel comfortable with the person you are with. When a Scorpio feels betrayed or let down, they can hold a grudge and take a long time to lower their defenses again.

If you want your love for your Scorpio partner to work out, make sure both of you learn to forgive each other. This is particularly important for those who are married. Learn to stop holding grudges and forget the past. Also practice forgiveness whenever you can. Otherwise, past grievances will always resurface and continue to cause problems in your relationship. 

Cancer and Scorpio in Love and Friendships

The combination of jealous tendencies and buried emotions can make it hard for Cancer and Scorpio men and women to open up. This applies to marriage, connections in bed, and even within friendships. Both of these signs hold on tightly to the people they trust and are less likely to have large groups of friends that they connect with.

People under Cancer are so focused on supporting their friends, family, and significant others that they often don't have time to build a large circle of associates. All of their energy goes toward the people they love the most.

Meanwhile, your Scorpio significant other doesn't let people in easily. Trusting others is hard for them, which is why they have a small group of people in their inner circle. However, when someone under a Cancer or Scorpio sign opens up, they become incredibly giving and warm. You will have their care and help whenever you need it.

Cancer and Scorpio couples may have a hard time making time to go out once they become comfortable. They tend to want to stay home and be with each other, meaning they may ignore other friendships and relationships.

Use Your Compatibility to Build Stronger Relationships

Each of the couples under these signs has its own unique challenges and connections. Instead of focusing on the problems that may arise when dating a Scorpio, use this knowledge to build a strong foundation. When you know how your reaction as a Cancer affects your Scorpio partner (and vice versa), you can build a healthy relationship based on mutual understanding and communication.

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