Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

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Cancers are great romantic partners. Their rich emotional lives make them caring, nurturing, and empathetic, which means that they take good care of the person they love.

So who could be better for a Cancer than another Cancer? If you're starting a relationship with someone who shares your sign, whether it's a Cancer woman or a Cancer man, you should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this zodiac combination. Your signs can have an effect on romance, friendships, sex, and even marriage.

Cancer and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

What happens when two people with the same star sign get together? While this may not be ideal for fire signs, two like-minded water spirits can come together to create something wonderful.

As a Cancer, you feel things very deeply. You have a rich emotional life that is so vast that it can sometimes be a little daunting for those who try to embrace you. You're looking for someone who's willing to build a stable life together with you based on respect, cooperation, and communication.

Your Cancer partner is looking for the same thing. Just like you, they've probably experienced a world of dating where people can be insincere or superficial. Now that you've found each other, they might be ready for serious friendships or relationships.

Cancer and Cancer Strengths

The two of you understand something about each other that men and women of other signs don't — the fact that you need your partner to take your emotions seriously. When two Cancers get together, they can talk for hours about the things that really matter to them. They trust each other to listen and to understand what's really important. There will be lots of laughing and crying with this partnership.

A two-Cancer pairing will typically like to stay at home and nest. You two may find yourselves spending lazy weekends under a comforter in bed, watching Netflix, and sharing secrets. When you find the right partner, there's nothing else that quite compares. This can be the foundation for a long and rewarding relationship where both of you have your needs attended to. You'll both grow and you'll both find yourselves better equipped to cope with the world. Could it lead to marriage? It might if you're cautious about your weaknesses.

Cancer and Cancer Weaknesses

As with every relationship, a Cancer and Cancer relationship can only work when there's a balance between both parties. If one of you is the talker and the other is the listener, then eventually a sense of unfairness can begin to set in. The listener may start to feel that their needs aren't being tended to. That can lead to a gap growing between you.

Another issue is that sometimes this pairing can work a little too well. Two Cancers can encourage each other's nesting tendencies. Eventually, you may simply choose to shut yourselves away from the world and not venture outside at all. That might sound cute, but shutting yourself into a bubble can bring its own problems.

To make this pairing work, you both need to make the effort to keep yourselves grounded. Go out into the world, see friends, and do exciting things together. Be sure to also spend as much time listening as you do talking. Communication is at the heart of every great relationship and you two have the capacity to be great communicators as long as both parties get equal time to express their feelings.

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