Cancer and Aries Compatibility

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Cancer and Aries compatibility in relationships or friendships, in marriage, and in bed is quite complicated, as these two zodiac signs are known to have completely different personalities. And let's not forget that these men and women are both stubborn. But despite the many contradictions that surround Cancer and Aries relationship, both of them can bring out the best in each other and create a connection that rides on emotional stability above all. 

Cancer and Aries Zodiac Compatibility

It's a known fact in astrology that Cancer is the king of mood swings. One minute you are happy and the next you are in the gloomiest cloud your Aries partner will ever encounter. Fortunately, Aries' positive energy in relationships never fades away. It's especially useful when you have all those negative and doubtful thoughts about yourself.

Your Aries partner's reliable support and a positive attitude can be an immediate pick-me-up for your crab sign and help keep you away from your extreme moods. It even inspires you at times to be more cheerful and live life to the fullest. Seriously, nobody can stay depressed for long around Aries—not even Cancer.

Cancer and Aries Strengths

A Cancer man and Aries woman or Cancer woman and Aries man get along very well on fundamental levels. One of the greatest strengths in their astrological compatibility is in their ability to help each other bring out all the qualities they want to show. You and your Aries partner also allow and encourage each other to put your best personalities at work.

For instance, you can embrace your maturity, sensitivity, and deep-thinking even more with your Aries partner, as these crab qualities balance the fearlessness, impulsivity or even superficiality in Aries. Your insights also enlighten and enrich your Aries partner.

When Aries feels out of control and hurts you with harsh words and straightforward judgment, your calmness is there to keep him or her on the ground. As a Cancer, you know when to make compromises, so you will be the one to bring peace in the relationship. 

Cancer and Aries Weaknesses

As with any relationship, the one that you and your Aries counterpart share is not perfect. One of the greatest weaknesses in your horoscope compatibility is in your Aries partner's dominant and controlling personality. Right from the start of your relationship, Aries will openly express how things should be done in your relationship or marriage. Their strong personality can be so overpowering that sometimes you have no choice but to yield.

And if ever you do make mistakes, you can never expect patience and compassion from a ram. It's one thing that makes your love compatibility complicated. Aries will never hesitate to take charge or correct you if things don't go their way, even to the point of being offensive. They want you to keep up with their pace, and become aggressive when faced with challenges or conflicts.

Aries may also find you to be overly sensitive and a little too susceptible to your mood swings and anger. Your partner may also think that you're a bit possessive and clingy, which he/she finds very annoying. While you love to nurture your partner, he/she will busy himself/herself with his/her gregarious ways, which in turn intensifies your possessiveness and jealousy.

Cancer and Aries love relationship is one that requires serious dedication. You should be adaptable and open-minded to your Aries man's or woman's leadership and socialization, and his/her controlling and impulsive nature needs to be a bit cautious towards you. If the two of you can achieve these qualities, then your relationship will be more balanced and harmonious. 

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