Are Cancer & Aquarius Compatible?

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When it comes to astrology compatibility, they always say that opposites complement each other. But in the case of Cancer and Aquarius friendship or relationship, it takes more than an attraction for it to thrive, as these men and women have differences and opposing personality traits.

Cancer and Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility

Unlike other zodiac signs, Cancer can give Aquarius the gift of open-mindedness with their non-judgmental character. You are a kind-hearted person who has a creative and expressive mind, which is among the many qualities that make the horoscope compatibility of this love match outstanding. While Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is sometimes complicated due to clashes on some opinions and perspectives, you will let go of such disagreements as you are both very generous.

Moreover, Cancer also has an innate quality of being hardworking, resourceful, and motivated. While you are not as forward-thinking as your Aquarius man or woman, you can be highly driven to reach your life goals. And this helps you and your partner to achieve a blissful marriage. 

Cancer and Aquarius Strengths

One of the greatest strengths in the astrological compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius is their sensitiveness to each other's needs, emotionally picking up on signs that others may easily overlook. As partners, Aquarius and Cancer are insightful and responsive to each other's needs, even if you barely show it. In fact, both of you can be like psychics—sympathetic listeners who are always on the rush to rescue each other.

Another strength in their compatibility is their eccentric behavior and their ability to move at their pace. And when it comes to love, both of you don't like provoking confrontations. While you and your Aquarius partner are not submissive, both of you are ready to give up and compromise just to promote peace in the relationship. This is one thing that Aquarius looks for in a partner, as they hate arguments, violence, or fighting.

Likewise, Aquarius finds you very sentimental. You love to appreciate every small thing given to you or done for you. And even if your Aquarius partner is detached with their emotions, he or she also values people who don't take them for granted.

Cancer and Aquarius Weaknesses

While the zodiac compatibility between Cancer and Aquarius is strong, it doesn't mean that these men and women are exempted from conflicts. One of the greatest weaknesses in your astrological sign compatibility is in your moodiness and sensitiveness, especially in bed. While you are a peacekeeper, you have this great memory that you normally use to bring out past misunderstandings and the misgivings you have about the past of your Aquarius partner. Being moody means you can easily get anxious if someone does or says something that you don't like. You tend to react to things strongly, whether it is in the form of an outburst or continued nagging.

Likewise, Cancer is too clingy and touchy. These men and women always have a hard time letting go. Their constant desire for security can put their friendships or relationships at risk. And as free-spirited as Aquarius is, they don't get along with men or women who are possessive. Aquarius values their freedom a lot, and they expect you to respect that. If you can't give them the space they want, they will quickly withdraw from the relationship.

Cancer and Aquarius relationship needs more understanding for it to work due to their differences and opposing personalities. You and your Aquarius partner must learn how to cultivate patience and give leeway to each other's needs.

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