Are Pisces & Aquarius Compatible?

Pisces Sign Aquarius Sign

Pisces and Aquarius are not the most most compatible signs, so this pairing does not bode well for the future. This can be a poor match. However, with hard work and dedication, it isn't impossible for them to find zodiac compatibility.

Pisces and Aquarius in Love

Logical Aquarius and dreamy Pisces can find a great deal of initial chemistry in each other. Aquarius will be swept off their feet by the manic-pixie personality of Pisces, and Pisces will be enthralled by Aquarius's intellect and stability.

These two signs couldn't be more different from each other, but a love of eccentricity in each sign means that astrology compatibility is possible. Adventurous Aquarius might be too much for homebody Pisces, but if you can find a happy medium, this can be a very nurturing relationship.

Pisces and Aquarius in Bed

These two are not well-suited in bed. Pisces loves love and prefers an emotionally intimate partner, while Aquarius's rebellious nature and unemotional aspects will make Pisces feel like they are much too distant.

Pisces wants romance while Aquarius has almost no interest in it. These are not sexually compatible signs, so if you are in this type of relationship, a compromise must be found or neither will feel fulfilled.

Pisces and Aquarius Friendship

Pisces and Aquarius friendships can be very rewarding or very frustrating between men and women. Sometimes they can be both! Rational Aquarius doesn't understand why emotional Pisces will ignore facts in favor of feelings. However, these two are natural leaders who love to travel and experience new things.

Pisces and Aquarius usually make for a great friendship, the kind often seen on buddy cop shows with one strait-laced and one wild person whose interests mesh well enough that they make the perfect duo.

Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man

This partnership built on a friendship can work very well long-term. This is because both signs will be intrigued with the kind of knowledge the other can provide. Aquarius man can teach her about the stars in the sense of astronomy, while dreamer Pisces can teach Aquarius about the stars in the sense of astrology. .

This meeting of head and heart combines to create a loving and dedicated long-term relationship between the two signs. They will also need to watch out for the practicalities of life, such as paying the bills and staying on top of practical things.

Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman

Good communication is an absolute necessity between these two. The Aquarius woman will be attracted to the uniqueness of Pisces man, while he will appreciate her dedication to other people, because it's a trait he shares. Unfortunately for this pair, the lack of an emotional connection can sink a relationship before it begins.

Both sides have to be very clear about their needs, which tends to be emotional connection for Pisces and the sense of freedom for Aquarius. They are both free spirits, but Pisces needs to have his need for romance met or he will feel unfulfilled. Likewise, Aquarius needs to feel like she has her freedom, or she will push Pisces away. If the couple is willing to compromise, this can be a delightful long-term relationship.

Pisces and Aquarius can be a very difficult match when it comes to zodiac compatibility. The two signs share some of the same goals and aspirations, but they can be too different when it comes to the fundamentals for any relationships to gain traction. However, if they are capable of recognizing and celebrating their differences, Pisces and Aquarius can be a rewarding match for both signs, possibly leading to a solid marriage.

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