Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

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Flights of fancy and instinctive tendencies are the trademarks of a Pisces as they float through their world in search of human connection. Planned out agendas and nurturing tendencies are the trademarks of a Cancer as they also float through their world searching for their emotional independence. Pisces and Cancer love compatibility is reasonably high, especially since both of these are water signs. Like any relationship, a Pisces and Cancer must work together to achieve balance and harmony when they are together.

Pisces and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

Under the Zodiac, Pisces and Cancer are both water signs. Water is considered as a physical and tangible entity, making Pisces and Cancer extremely agreeable. This bodes well for Pisces and Cancer in friendships, relationships, bed, and even marriage according to their zodiac compatibility. Pisces women and men live to connect with other humans, and when that connection is made with Cancer men and women, the bond is nearly unbreakable. Cancer's energies of inspiration and nurturing help to ground Pisces and their relationship becomes balanced.

Pisces and Cancer Strengths

Cancer's intuitive nature often involves good ideas, followed by solid plans that are put on paper and safeguarded. Pisces is the opposite and would almost immediately lose the paper the plan was written on. Pisces is very instinctual and feeds on Cancer's intuition, and can teach Cancer that completion should sometimes overtake initiation in life. Though Cancer wishes to draw in the wondering mind of Pisces, Cancer will need to provide freedom for Pisces to follow their instinctual nature on occasion to keep from smothering out their flame.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility relies on their ability to draw strength from one another's opposite natures. Where Pisces struggles to grasp that their dreams can often be a reality, Cancer can help guide Pisces with a plan to attain the goals they long for. On the other hand, Pisces can help Cancer to dream big, leading to increase and excess in life.

Pisces and Cancer are both very similar when it comes to their emotional natures. They have a sweeping aptitude for compassion and sentiment, and both can lead or follow in all aspects of the relationship. This makes for an intense sexual attraction that pays dividends in and out of bed.

Pisces and Cancer Weaknesses

A Pisces woman and Cancer man can create a healthy marriage, but as with all couples, there are weaknesses they will have to work through to keep their bond strong. Pisces will need room to breathe outside of Cancer's smothering self-centeredness, and Cancer can grow exhausted of Pisces' indifferent nature. Though they have diverse viewpoints, they find that compromises come easily for them and allows them to discover their middle ground. Both Pisces and Cancer tend to struggle with depression and endeavor to achieve emotional independence; they risk losing their sense of self when joined together in a relationship.

Despite the weaknesses of this union, if they work to overcome their differences and freely rely on one another's energies, the rewards will be transcendent. Pisces and Cancer relationships can be as close to divine as any pairing of astrological signs. When this union perseveres, the relationship that they create will be one of inspiration with a perception of home.

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