Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces Sign Scorpio Sign

Pisces and Scorpio are a fantastic love match. These two signs embody passion and romance like no others. This can be a great start to a relationship, but both will need to focus a little more on the practicalities of life for things to work smoothly.

Pisces and Scorpio in Love

Love is where it's at for these two. Passionate Scorpio and emotional Pisces are a perfect match when it comes to astrological compatibility, as seductive Scorpio will sweep love-drunk Pisces off their feet. Both signs venerate true love, so this pairing is a romance for the ages.

Suspicious Scorpio might hurt sensitive Pisces with their trust issues, but if both signs understand each other, this will be a passionate love affair to remember.

Pisces and Scorpio in Bed

This pairing might need to call the fire department! Sensual, romantic Pisces will be excited by Scorpio's kinky, sexual side. These two are a perfect match in bed, due to Scorpio's love of sex and Pisces' love of romance.

However, this fiery relationship might be on the rocks if each side does not understand the other's needs. Scorpio wants to keep things interesting in the bedroom, while Pisces wants all romance, all the time. If the pair can meet in the middle, these two signs can enjoy some of the most passionate lovemaking of the entire zodiac.

Pisces and Scorpio Friendship

This is an extremely lucky match when it comes to friendships. Pisces may be the only other sign in the zodiac to truly understand Scorpio. These two are inseparable friends who love to do everything together.

Scorpio can also help Pisces realize their ambitions in life. These two are very supportive friends, but any conflict can be quite explosive! However, both signs are loyal and will come around once they are reminded of the values they share. A Pisces and Scorpio friendship can be very rewarding.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman

Loyal, protective, passionate, romantic — what's not to love? Unfortunately, this match isn't as perfect as it sounds, often opening intensely but fizzling out when problems chip away at the foundation.

Jealousy can be the real killer in this relationship, but if the Pisces man's emotional sensitivity can head off suspicious Scorpio at the pass, this can be the perfect pairing for a long-term relationship. Since both signs prize love and loyalty, cheating is unlikely, and this match is often a lifelong one.

Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man's temper might be hurtful to the sensitive Pisces woman's feelings. However, these two are intense and committed to each other, offering a complementary relationship where they can fulfill each other's needs. Good communication, as always, is key.

This goes for experiences in the bedroom in particular, where both will find that the rest of the world slips away when they make love. These two will also enjoy a close and intimate friendship, talking about everything with each other. Romance will never die with this pairing, and they will often still be together in their sunset years.

Pisces and Scorpio are a good match. These two Water signs understand each other more than many others when it comes to zodiac compatibility. The pairing of emotional, sensual Pisces with seductive, sexual Scorpio means that any romance between the two will be intense and lasting.

These men and women make great friends because they understand one another, which is the real basis of making any deep relationships work. Eccentric Pisces and dominant Scorpio make the perfect pair, whether it's in friendship, business, or marriage.

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