Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces Sign Leo Sign

On the surface, no two signs could be more different than sensitive, imaginative Pisces and fiery, charismatic Leo. Does that mean you and your Leo crush aren't romantically compatible? Not in the least. These two signs have a special kind of astrological compatibility. Their special traits can form the basis of a stable and enduring love match. Discover how you as a Pisces can connect to the Leo in your life.

Pisces in Love

As a water sign, Pisces is emotionally intelligent, creative and intuitive. A Piscean tends to be a little more reserved than most, being quieter and more introspective. While a Pisces is unlikely to make a decisive first move in a romance, their heightened emotional sensitivity makes them adept at guiding the relationship naturally towards new levels of intimacy. Pisces generally don't want to dominate or be in control, preferring instead a mutually beneficial structure in all their relationships. They tend to be very giving and need to guard against depleting their resources.

Leo in Love

Leos tend to take the lead in relationships. They are steadfast and supportive, but can be domineering if not kept in check. Leos love to be center stage, basking in attention. Fortunately, they possess the talent and charm to justify their love of the spotlight. A Leo is enthusiastic, full of energy and drive. They translate this passion freely into their relationships and can make the emotional Pisces feel very special. Leos are generous lovers: a Leo in bed makes keeping their partner happy a point of pride.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility

There are many energies at play in a Pisces and Leo love match. While on the surface it might look like a case of "opposites attract," the signs have a lot of common ground when it comes to zodiac compatibility. The Pisces man or woman who becomes romantically entangled with a Leo will derive a lot of joy from their shared creative drive. The natural Pisces ability to open up channels of communication and to gently express needs and desires is very helpful for a Leo, who desperately needs clarity and understanding in a relationship. A Leo contributes fully and enthusiastically in creative endeavors.

Potential Pisces and Leo Problems

There are one or two potential flashpoints in a relationship between a Pisces and a Leo that you may need to watch out for. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign while Pisces is a Mutable Water sign. This can mean that Leo seems overly rigid to the more flexible Pisces. Leo's naturally outgoing and sociable nature can read as flirtatiousness to the more reserved Pisces, perhaps especially in the case of a Pisces man with a Leo woman. Although Leo benefits from directness, the tendency of the Pisces to wear their heart on their sleeve can become overwhelming at times. In shared projects, the forceful Leo can sometimes take over without meaning to, leaving Pisces feeling sidelined.

Making it Work as a Pisces in Love with a Leo

Leos are very loyal and steadfast, and they value the same kind of commitment from their partners. Pisces needs to make sure that Leo gets enough attention and affection: Shared quality time is absolutely vital to this relationship. It's vital for the Piscean partner to express their needs in a way that Leo understands, which may require a little more directness than the subtle Pisces is used to. Communication is likely to be the most important factor in making the relationship work, so the key is for these women and men to be open and honest with each other to make relationships all the way from friendships to marriage work.

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