Pisces and Libra Compatibility

Pisces Sign Libra Sign

A Pisces and Libra romance can be a match made in Heaven. The mutable water sign, Pisces, and the cardinal air sign of Libra have a lot going for them in terms of zodiac compatibility in a relationship. While there are one or two possible risk factors (such as a tendency to be a little manipulative), these signs have a head start on a long, happy, harmonious love match. The key word here is "harmonious": There should be nothing stormy or dramatic in a Pisces-Libra relationship. The romance is likely to be peaceful and calm, with very little friction. Here's how Pisces can maximize astrological compatibility with a Libra lover.

Pisces in Love

As a water sign, Pisces is emotionally intelligent, creative and intuitive. A Piscean tends to be a little more reserved than most, being quieter and more introspective. While a Pisces is unlikely to make a decisive first move in a romance, their heightened emotional sensitivity makes them adept at guiding the relationship naturally towards new levels of intimacy. Pisces generally don't want to dominate or be in control, preferring instead a mutually beneficial structure in all their relationships. They tend to be very giving and need to guard against depleting their resources.

Pisces in Love

As a Water sign, the archetypal Pisces is deeply loving. Their emotions run strong and deep, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Pisces is flexible and adaptable, perhaps to a fault. Pisces women and men needs to guard against giving too much of themselves, especially in a relationship with a more demanding partner. Pisces is a great communicator, clear and open without being brutal in their frankness. The Piscean is a very creative person and this carries over into their relationships: A Pisces in bed is both imaginative and affectionate.

Libra in Love

This air sign tends to produce a great many idealists. The classic Libra tends to lead rather than follow, with their leadership coming from a place of high ideals and lofty standards. This carries over into their relationships. A Libra may tend to put their lovers on pedestals and may struggle to accept their flaws. While the Libran's love of helping to improve the world and the people around them is a positive trait, it can manifest as an attempt to change their romantic partner in ways that may not be realistic. In relationships, the Libra partner craves harmony and peace. A Libra in bed can be a little cerebral.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility

If you were to ask any astrologer "What signs go well together?" you would often find Pisces and Libra near the top of the list. The Libran's idealistic brand of love is a great match for the Piscean's deep well of emotions. As a Pisces, you bring the heart to the relationship while the Libra partner brings the head. Pisces can balance Libra's tendency to overthink and intellectualize with a deeper wisdom. If you find yourself getting lost in fantasy to the point where it's hard to move forward in reality, a Libra can help you find the clarity you need to make your dreams come true.

Potential Relationship Problems for Pisces and Libra

The main problem for Pisces and Libra in a romantic relationship is that neither is fond of conflict. This is good in the sense that neither will pick fights idly. The downside is that no relationship is entirely free of conflict and friction. The avoidant tendencies of both signs may mean that issues are left to fester rather than being resolved, which can be destructive to both friendships and a marriage. Both signs can also be manipulative. Librans are rather notorious for using their wits to manipulate others (particularly the Libra man) but Pisceans can also be emotionally manipulative. Left unchecked, these traits can lead to some unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Maximizing Compatibility for Pisces and Libra

Harmony is the key to a relationship between Pisces and Libra. It's important, however, to focus on achieving this through the love that both signs have in abundance. Pisces needs to stay on top of Libra's cerebral, manipulative side and not give in to the desire to avoid disputes. Conflicts between the two signs can be resolved through loving and compassionate discussion, something both signs excel at. The most uncomfortable conversation can be made bearable with the deep and unconditional love that comes from this strong horoscope match.

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