The Pisces Woman

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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant

The mystery behind the Pisces woman is hard to pin down for most. A combination of sweet and strong. She can be the like prettiest angelfish that you have ever seen and in an instant, transform into a great white shark. Which one you see is up to you. Her ruling planet is Neptune, signified by two swimming fish, so her element naturally enough is water.

Traits of Pisces Women

The Pisces woman is forever inspired by supernatural elements. She has a deep fascination with all things spiritual, ethereal and even philosophical. All the while maintaining a firm footing in the world of logic. To her, the world is a place of constant discovery, love and of unlimited opportunities for happiness. She will gladly take chances that may cause others to second guess themselves, turn back and go home. She is a leader and is fearless. If she is challenged, she will rise to the occasion more often than most would ever dare. If there is one trait of Pisces women that stands out, it's that they’re unafraid. Right or wrong, she will not back down.

all about pisces woman all about pisces woman

A Pisces Woman in Love

If she has a goal, she will set her mind to it. If she wants something, more likely than not, she will get it. If she sets her mind to a partner, no one will stand in her way. She may see her lover as an extension of herself. Sometimes forgetting that few are like her or share in her ideals. She’s quick to overlook the faults of those that she loves. Putting more emphasis on their potential than their failures. The Pisces woman’s spiritual abilities are vast. Most are born with more than one gift. She can be both a psychic and a medium. She can be a natural empath and a wild clairvoyant. This can make a Pisces woman intimidating.

Good and Negative Traits of a Pisces Woman

Often, her gifts will create conflict in her life. She'll say what she sees at the detriment of anyone within earshot. It can be difficult for her to feel grounded in the reality that the world makes her feel obligated to live in. She sees a world outside of the boundaries created by humanity and wishes that she could live there. She is often at odds with authority figures, preferring to follow her own instincts. It’s hard to argue with her. When you can swim to the depths of the Ocean with ease, only you know what wonders abound where no man can go. It can make for a lonely existence spent marveling at the beauty of the universe but unable to relate to anyone else about it.

To know a Pisces woman and be with her is to know duality. It’s to know that someone can be enchanting and generous in every way imaginable. It’s also to know that at any time that she feels betrayed, taken for granted, or hurt - you might see the other side of her. The sea is filled with beauty that defies imagination, but it is also filled with dangers that are outside of the scope of anything that you have ever dealt with on land. The Pisces woman is familiar and comfortable with both. Japanese Koi or Electric Eel - The choice is yours.

Pisces Women in a Relationship

A Pisces woman will only expect you to treat her as she treats you. She’s fair. She calls it as she sees it. If you’re her friend, she’ll be clear with her expectations. There is no wishy-washy behavior from her. If she loves you, it will be evident by her actions, her taunts, her charms and how she smiles at you ever so sweetly. She won’t be able to hide it. If she doesn’t like you? Well, that won't be much of a mystery either. Though she will not seek to outright harm you, she will make it known that even speaking with her won’t fly. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She can be extraordinarily expressive.

pisces woman negative traits pisces woman negative traits

She's headstrong and follows her own intuition. She is primed to feel her way through her life. Her feelings and emotions are how she finds the way to her perfect truth. She’s always willing to help someone else in need. She has a soft heart for those who are in dire straights. She can’t just walk by someone who is suffering and a friend in trouble is someone that will get an earful of advice with armfuls of help.

These are Along with her big heart comes the truth unfiltered. It’s important to keep in mind that she always comes from a good place. Her heart is filled with the love that is found in a child, even as her mind is as sharp as a tack. She is soft and firm. A dreamer and a true realist.

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