The Truth About Aquarius Women

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The Aquarius Woman in Love

The water bearer who is an air element ruled by Uranus. Confusing? A little bit! Welcome to the beautiful world of the Aquarius woman. She’s mysterious, free-spirited and will not be held down to anyone’s idea of right or wrong. She has to explore what is right for her. Whether it be wrong for you is another matter entirely. The onus is on you to understand how she feels while she tries to find some modicum of balance within herself. All the while exploring opportunities that will expand her happiness and those that matter the most to her.

Main Traits of an Aquarius Woman

As the water bearer, she has the power to create change in her life and those around her. Water is an unstoppable force of nature. It’s life-giving, cleansing and a requirement of all living beings. When she pours out her water in your life, changes take place on monumental levels that can scare some. As an air element, she’s also very open-minded, prone to thinking out of the box more than she is within it. Coloring outside the lines is more the norm than not. Creativity is a strong point for the Aquarius woman. She’s well suited to working on her own terms, with a lot of leeways to do what feels right for her.

Because Uranus is her ruling planet, she’s especially sensitive to vibrations. Be it music or the energy that can only be felt by the passion that comes from being with someone who loves to love as much as she does. She can feel more than most. Sensitive being a term thrown around all too often is something that we can call her, but it’s not the best fit. Let’s call her in tune. In tune with her surroundings and people (especially those that she cares about). She’ll know that you’re feeling down before you even call her. She may be aware of an impending change to a dynamic at a workplace before the news gets out. She will speak on matters with a sense of knowing without really having the evidence to back it up. Almost offhandedly doing so and coming across as a gossip. She’ll be proven right, time and time again. She’s an ace when it comes to understanding people and their intentions through the energy that they put out.

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Negative Love Traits of an Aquarius Woman

Though she desperately wants to love and to be loved, settling down may be more challenging for her than most. Her goals and dreams are as fluid as the wind. They are ever changing and evolving. She may dream of perfect love, the ideal person, the perfect job only to get it and become bored and unsatisfied. Part of the duality of the Aquarius woman is what makes her manifest her greatest desires while keeping her forever wanting greater experiences and reaching even higher goals. It’s not that she’s easily bored. Well, she can be, but it’s more because of how beautifully she sees life. That it’s meant to be lived to its fullest, be experienced and cherished. She relishes positive experiences. She loves the excitement of the first time. Falling in love is usually the best part of the relationship for her. The initial phase where there is an equal degree of promise as there is the risk. This is when she feels most alive. If a relationship gets boring, bogged down by repetition or boredom, she’ll find a way to cause trouble. Drama is always better than apathy for the Aquarius woman. She refuses to play it safe.

Aquarius Women in Love, Relationships and Family

When she falls in love, it’s intense and profound. She will dedicate herself entirely to the love of her life without reservation. She will dive in, head first, trusting that the outcomes are as good or greater than even she can imagine. Did I mention that imagination is her strong suit? She will endure many hardships, difficulties, and even infidelity. It hurts her to the core of her being, and she will never forget. Even as she sticks around. It’s a cross that she will carry for the rest of her life and can shape how she views love and whether or not they take a chance on it again. Family is of the utmost importance to her and when she commits, it’s with the idea is that it’s for life. She is the mother whose hopes and dreams can sometimes be higher than is possible for her children. She will move heaven and earth to make all of her children’s hopes, dreams and those of her partner a reality. She enjoys being at the forefront of her family’s happiness and being the reason why it happens. The happiness and joys of her family are her happiness and blessings, so she’ll do anything to ensuring that it keeps going, always hoping for more.

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Holding on to Aquarian Women

If you are so lucky to get an Aquarius woman’s attention and her love, cherish and honor it. She will follow you to a new country, learn the language and culture. She will start a new life with you, casting aside anyone who stands in her way. She will commit to you wholly and thoroughly through thick and thin. She will give you every opportunity to make up for your mistakes. Believing in true love can overcome everything, she will never give up. That is until you make the mistake of giving up on her. If you ever do, you’ll not only live the rest of your life regretting it, you’ll have to endure the constant reminder of what you lost.

Why are Aquarius Women so Attractive?

She is a unique flower that never stops blooming. Through summer droughts or winter storms, her beauty is overshadowed only by the sun. If you are so lucky, you might be the one to experience her sweet fragrance forever. She is not meant to be plucked and doesn’t belong in a vase. She is born free, spreading her pollen with the breeze from place to place, multiplying her love as she goes, making the world a better place with the changing seasons. To know the Aquarius woman is to know true love. A personalized astrology reading can shed light on the individual aspects and qualities of the Aquarius woman in your life. Get a reading today and find out more.
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