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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
The Cancer Woman, symbolized by the Crab, is the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac. Ruled by the Moon and her element being water. She lives and thrives in her own emotions. She is governed by them in every single way. You could call her moody, loving, sweet, sensitive, shy, sexy, feminine, maternal and passionate. Her emotional attributes just go on and on. Famous Cancerians include Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Warren, and Priyanka Chopra.

A Cancer Woman in Love

In love, she’s cautious at first. Wanting to feel the connection, the passion, all of the potential, before literally jumping in head first. If she likes you, you’ll know. She won’t do a great job of hiding it. She can become almost childlike in her demeanor around you when she’s in love. She will even make the first move. She will fantasies a long time before things happen. Before she actually reaches out and tells you how she feels, she’ll have already experienced so many things with you in her heart and mind. She’s imaginative and doesn’t understand the concept of no. If she wants you, if she’s telling you, she’s already gone over every detail already. She’s good to go - ready and willing. All she needs is for you to take her by the hand and be prepared for a wild ride of love, passion, crazy sex and the most intense emotional connection that you’ll ever have. Everything is 100%. There is no halfway with the Cancer woman.

Negative Traits of Cancer Women

There are some drawbacks to being as emotionally connected as she is. For one, there are no off days for her. She is always on. Her emotions are always heightened. Either for the good or the not so good. Anyone who has been connected to a Cancer woman will tell you that. As great as it can be, it can also be a bit exhausting. You have to be willing to engage, to be part of the play of life with her and be ok with emotions. She’s not for the ice cold macho men. She’s not for people who are scared of talking about feelings. She will speak about her feelings, your feelings, and her neighbor's feelings while she’s at it. Are you a dreamer? You’ll feel right at home. Do you like snuggling and watching Netflix? She’s up for that six nights a week. The one-off being time to visit family, friends and be there for others in need. She has a soft heart and can get emotionally involved in the troubles of others, especially family.

Cancer woman Cancer woman

The Cancer Woman in a Relationship

She’s very fair. Very on point when it comes to doing what is right. She is not a justice warrior, but she won’t stand by idly as injustice takes place either. She is supportive and caring to those that she loves. She doesn’t hold back with money or material objects. She can be generous to a fault. Sometimes even going as far as giving gifts as a reflection of her love for you. It’s not meant to entice or buy you, but rather to show you that she does genuinely love and care for you.

As a friend, she is loyal, faithful and always ready to hear you out. She gravitates towards people that are much like her but can also be attracted by stronger women who are leaders, like Leo’s or Libra’s. She’s not a follower but doesn’t mind following for a time. Such is her ego, she doesn’t need to be the star of the show or the center of attention. Her looks and self-care can sometimes become secondary in the quest to help and elevate others in her orbit. Her family is everything to her. She will go without to ensure that others have enough.

A Cancer Woman in Bed

Her sexuality is deep, risk-taking, without boundaries or limitations. On the surface, she’s the girl next door, the quiet but deep one. Once the boudoir door is closed, another side of her is revealed. You had better be ready for anything. She is adventurous, pushing the limits of what you thought you could handle, the good girl visage is now gone and replaced by someone who is not limited by the simple constraints of society. You have been warned!

description of a Cancer woman description of a Cancer woman

Keep the Heart of a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is not someone that you want to offend, hurt or betray. She has a lot of patience, understanding and a big heart. Once the claws are out, they are out. Her dark side is especially cold. You do not want to be on her wrong side. She may not hurt you, seek out to damage you, but she will freeze you out. They say that you don’t appreciate the water until the well runs dry. She’s just like that. A deep well of sweet water that won’t give you a second chance. She may let you taste that water again just so you know what you lost. If only to really drive the point home that you’ll never, ever experience it again. There is an utter coldness about her that is a perfect reflection of her warmth. It’s an equal negative to the positive.

If you’re so lucky to be in the presence of the female crab, enjoy her. Treat her well, love her fully and learn also to be loved by her. She will spoil you and give you everything of herself. The only danger is in taking her for granted. You may not get a second chance to experience the deepest and sweetest love that you have ever know.

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