What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine

Top Astrologer / 30+ Years of Experience / Professional Astrologer
Top Astrologer / 30+ Years of Experience / Professional Astrologer

Breakups can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re in quarantine they become even more complicated and mentally draining. During unprecedented times we are socially distanced from friends and loved ones and these are the exact people who rally and support after your relationship ends. While there are the usual strategies and coping mechanisms for getting over a breakup, every situation is different and each individual endures their own set of emotions. Having said this, Kasamba’s leading astrology advisor, Melodie, divulged that the teachings of astrology and our Zodiac signs offer boundless insight into relationships and breakups.

What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine

Due to each Zodiac sign possessing a specific set of qualities, preferences, and personality traits, some people take more time to reflect, heal, and gain closure while others pretend it never even happened, totally blocking it out of their mind. Instead of going through the motions alone, Melodie has given her expert advice on how to deal with a breakup in the most effective and healing way possible in accordance with your star sign. Here’s what she had to say.

An Aries is known as a fiery, competitive, and sometimes explosive individual. In most cases, they would rather dump someone than be dumped. In accordance with this, Melodie explained that they would look to move on from a breakup fairly quickly and would not overthink what went wrong. In order to move on however, she suggested an Aries should look to heal by taking on something with a leadership role or doing something they’ve never done before. They always want to try new things like going on a new adventure or finding ways to test themselves.

Cancers are inherently sensitive individuals and take plenty of time to build trust and enter relationships. Due to this, Melodie explained that Cancers would feel deeply impacted by a breakup and may feel a heavy sense of abandonment and wonder what they did wrong. In the event of a breakup, they should find a way to tend to their own heart – love yourself so it is not so devastating when someone stops loving you. Find ways to take care of others, whether it is working with those less fortunate or volunteering with children. While the latter may be harder due to social distancing, taking part in boxing food packages for those devastated by COVID would be another useful exercise.

What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine

The Taurus tends to be a passionate and romantic partner and when it comes to their relationships ending, they tend to fight to the end. Melodie noted that it would take some time for them to move on but they would be very practical about a breakup. They should take up anything that would indulge the 5 senses - cooking, music, wine, gardening, landscaping or interior design - surrounding themselves with beauty, comfort and luxury. All things that can be done in the comfort of their own home.

Gemini’s tend to have a few different sides to them which means that during a breakup they can experience a wide range of emotions. Having said that, Melodie added that they tend to move on quickly and in order to keep their time occupied she suggested reading a new book or joining a workshop class. Typically, they are busy individuals and are always on the go and looking to learn new skills. During quarantine, learning new skills is a great way to stay occupied and productive.

Leos are known for their vivacious personalities so when it comes to a breakup, rejection could be difficult for them to come to terms with. In order to heal from the separation, doing something that would thrust them into the public eye would be helpful. They need to be perceived as special so becoming active on social media and showing off their daily life in quarantine would be beneficial.

Virgos are introspective and are dedicated to working on themselves, trying to understand why a relationship didn’t work and how they can improve. In order to move on from a breakup taking on a self-help class to better themselves or finding a way to be of service to others would serve them well. With few distractions while in quarantine, there is no better time to become a better and well-rounded person.

Libras flourish in relationships and when one ends, they quickly move on in finding another one right away. Whether it is a singles group, quarantine online dating or video chatting with others, the best thing they can do is anything designed to introduce them to a new potential partner.

Scorpios are both passionate and persistent individuals so when a breakup occurs they may become angry and feel deeply wounded. In order to combat this, taking on a research project from home, going through a psycho-analysis, and allotting time to working on themselves could be the remedy they require.

What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine

A Sagittarius is always seeking a new thrill and tends to be a curious individual, meaning they would overcome a breakup rather quickly. To keep their mind busy they should try to stimulate themselves by grasping a new skill, learning a new language or philosophy at home. Post-quarantine, traveling is one of the best ways to move on.

Capricorns present themselves as stoic and unemotional beings and following a breakup, work would become their distraction. Especially during quarantine, launching a new business venture or enhancing their business acumen and client relationships would be an excellent way to move forward and focus on their successful future.

The Aquarius tends to have a spontaneous and unique outlook on life and following a breakup would be inclined to make new friends and indulge in new experiences. Characterized as quirky, off-the-wall, and sometimes eccentric, engaging in humanitarian causes and something to focus their mind would help them to move on effectively from a relationship.

What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Breaking Up In Quarantine

The Pisces is empathetic and overly emotional individuals and would be severely affected by a breakup. In many cases, they will mourn the loss of the relationship and sometimes blame themselves. Especially in quarantine with plenty of time to think, it can become all-consuming for them. In order to move on, spiritual activities including meditating or analyzing their dreams would help balance and put the mind at ease.

For all of the Zodiac signs healing from a breakup comes in different forms. In normal, day-to-day life, there are so many distractions that one can focus the mind and put their energy into, but with a pandemic sweeping the world, it can be increasingly draining. It is crucial to find other outlets that can be executed at home to ensure you get back to a healthy, content, and happy place. Speaking to a psychic and getting advice from others for closure and clarity are excellent ways to kickstart the healing process. As with everything else in life, time goes on and the heart eventually heals itself.
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