6 Ways To Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You Again

Janice Howard
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist

 how to love your husband physically  how to love your husband physically
The saying "till death do us part" are vows that not everyone attaches true meaning to them. Sometimes it's easier to let go than try to save a marriage. Newlyweds are really at the prime of their relationship, but as time passes, every single married couple finds themselves between triumph and trials. These ups and downs are totally natural but depending on many situations, and even outside sources, marital issues can become detrimental. Many women start to question the love from their husbands, and when things seem not to be smooth sailing, partners wonder, how can I make it better? While love may seem lost or faded, it doesn't mean it is lost forever. With a little effort, you may be able to shift your relationship dynamics and even make it better than ever! We have some amazing tips from our advisors on how to make your husband satisfied in all aspects of your relationship.

So, how do you make your husband happy?

Let's start with the physical aspect of the relationship. Ever heard the saying men are from Mars, and women are from Venus? It's true that between genders, men and women have different emotional needs. While a man may not need as much affection as a woman does, they need physical satisfaction.

Many social surveys show that apart from cuddling and caressing, sexual satisfaction is essential for a man, and being able to satisfy their partner is just as important sexually. When the marriage seems to be rocky, most of the time, the first thing that suffers is the intimacy. This is why many women ask, "How to keep my husband sexually satisfied?" because it really is a pivotal factor in a marriage.

Long - term sexual relationships and troubled relationships can both diminish the spark that was once felt at the beginning of a partnership. That's why it's vital to keep that spark going. Fulfilling each other's physical desires are a big part of a healthy relationship. But, remember, it's not only about your husband. Fulfilling your sexual needs is also something that satisfies him. If the physical energy isn't there anymore, he may feel like a failure as a husband.

how to keep my husband sexually satisfied how to keep my husband sexually satisfied

Keeping Him Wanting More

We've covered the physical part, but there's also the emotional part to take into consideration. As we mentioned, men usually need physical fulfillment, but some things also need to run deeper than the physical realm. We get asked by many of our users how to keep your husband interested in you? Well, according to some, there are great ways that require minimal effort to keep your husband wanting more and not less of you.

Lost the spark?

If you feel your intimate life could do with an upgrade, there are many ways to bring excitement back into the air. Apart from communicating your wants and desires with your partner, you can add an element of surprise too. Everyone likes pleasant surprises, and this rule is no different when it comes to married couples. Spruce up your life with a little tease, go on more dates, engage in activities that require alone time… the list is endless when it comes to ideas on keeping that fire going and nourishing each other's souls.

Listen Carefully

For starters, being attentive and a good listener makes a world of difference. If you listen to your husband wholeheartedly, you may learn things about him that you didn't know. You will be able to dig deep within his soul and uncover insights that will help you along the way. Once you completely understand him, you will learn his real likes and dislikes, thus changing the way you engage with him. When he realizes you are attentive, he will feel appreciated.

It's All In The Little Things

As married couples live together, share the same space, and energy, it is relatively easy to forget the little things. In the bigger picture, these little things land up meaning a whole lot to the receiver. Leave a sticky note with a beautiful quote, or send him a message during the day, letting him know you are thinking about him. You can even take it further by making his favorite dish or starting his day with a hot cup of coffee next to his bedside. These minimal things could turn a marriage around and make your husband see you in another light. They transform the energy of the house into a peaceful, respectable, and loving environment.

And…. Forget The Small Things

Had an argument about the kids or what movie to watch? Don't hold grudges. This is another excellent tip on how to make your husband happy and content within the relationship. Simply let it go and move on. Holding grudges on small things shows that your ego is more important than the sanctity of your marriage. We all fight over little things, but there's no need to sweat it out over prolonged periods and cause unnecessary hostile energies to emerge. Sure, we are all different, and we have different opinions, that's how the universe created us in essence. If you forget the small stuff, you will keep your husband's interest because he will also feel at ease to be around you, even when insignificant quarrels occur.

Focus On Yourself

That's right! If you want to know how to make your husband want you all the time, then it would be best if you focused on yourself too. Invest time in making yourself better with anything you might feel needs extra TLC. Why? Because when you take a good look at yourself, see your flaws, and work on them, you immediately create a positive vibration that can only attract positive reactions. If you feel you have let yourself go a little, invest in a new hairdo, a new outfit, or even partake in some yoga sessions. Changing something about yourself will not only make you feel better on a personal level, but these good energies will radiate, thus making your husband not only proud but even more attracted to your qualities.

how to make my husband madly in love with me how to make my husband madly in love with me

Are You Separated Or Already Divorced?

How to make your husband fall in love with you again after a separation can be a little daunting because chances are, you left your union with non-amicable feelings. Trying to reverse these feelings may be challenging, but it can happen as our advisors have had many success stories on the matter. First off, you need to give it time. Don't rush things. Give yourself a break to see how you can take the next step. See it as a "reintroduction" to his world. Analyze what went wrong and how you can make it right. Don't be too pushy, though; you need to tread carefully. Also, have you ever heard of the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? This is a universal law that makes a world of difference in this instance. Appearing in his life, leaving a great impression, and disappearing for a little while is one right way at pulling at his heart's strings. He may feel like he is missing out and may even crave your company again. The same applies to those who want to know how to make your husband love you again when he wants a divorce.

It's All In The Zodiac

According to our psychic experts here at Kasamba, every Zodiac sign has different preferential desires & traits that they seek in their partner. Remember, what one person wants could be different from the next person. You can get acquainted with your husband on a zodiac level and easily tap into their network of emotions, thoughts, and how they want to be fulfilled sexually, emotionally, and physically. Below is a complete list of what each zodiac sign wants in a relationship. If you can get it right, chances are you could turn your relationship around.

Aries- Aries men love independent women who are up for conquering the world, basically. Being strongly opinionated is a big turn on for them.

Taurus- Taurus males love women who have an enjoyable, wild, and feminine side to them. Capture his feelings by also being super supportive of him.

Gemini- Gemini men love great humor. Not only that, but they also enjoy an intelligent conversation with elements of surprise in day to day life.

Cancer- Devotion and loyalty are critical for Cancerian men. They also love the innocent type and love to feel that they are the helping hands and the support structure in the relationship.

Leo- If you are confident, witty, and extroverted, you will more than likely attract the attention of a Leo. They love the outgoing type of people who are always up for an adventure.

Virgo- Virgos love down to earth traits and seek the same in their partners. You don't have to be a showoff but rather logical and empathetic. Don't be too emotional; they don't like that!

Libra- Libra men seek perfectionism over everything. Not that you have to be perfect all-round, but rather, perfect in their eyes.

Scorpio- Scorpio men always seek the best in anything, so it goes without saying they seek the same in their partner together with a hint of sexiness and independence.

Saggitarius- Are you stimulating and exciting? Because Saggitarius men seek thrilling and compelling partners who can understand their energetic sides.

Capricorn- It's all in moderation for Capricorn men. Nothing over the top and being too pushy will throw them off completely.

Aquarius- You can't be too needy or vulnerable when dating an Aquarius male. You need to be independent, ambitious, and driven to make them fall hard.

Pisces- You need to be open-minded and truly generous to grasp the attention of a Pisces male. They love affection too!

how to make your husband want you all the time how to make your husband want you all the time

Moving Forward

Sometimes wondering and asking yourself, "how to make my husband madly in love with me" is not as simple as it seems. There are many factors, introspection, and insights needed to get the love going strong between you. Our advisors have had amazing success stories regarding matters of the heart between a husband and wife. In conclusion, you need to focus on your qualities, see where you are going wrong (or right), work on your relationship, and add some elements that could keep the momentum going. You can gain more insights and clarity on your relationship and see how your husband is precisely feeling about you by chatting to our gifted psychic advisors. Our experts have years of experience in relationship advice, and you can get more guidance for yourself by clicking here.
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Janice Howard is based in Oklahoma, USA. With years of experience researching all things spiritual , including divination tools such as Tarot, Numerology, and Psychic connections, Janice regards herself as a spiritual activist. During her spare time, she practices yoga, writes, and teaches mind, body, and soul connections at the local recreation centers.
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist Find me on Facebook »
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
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