Six Steps to Creating Positive
Space for the New Year

Written By Expert Speaks with Spirit

With all the whirlwind of activities that come with the month of December, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that a New Year comes at the end of it all! 2012 is fast approaching and, like every year, I know I will find myself weary, worn out, and trying to find ways to decompress from all the stresses the holidays can bring. I find the most effective thing I can do is to create positive space in my home in the New Year. Yes… yes! I know! We all make New Year’s Resolutions to become more organized and never keep them. But, in order to create positive space to bring in abundance of all good things, it’s a necessary evil!

Step 1: Clear out clutter. For every gift, ornament or holiday outfit brought into the home over the holidays, get rid of two old items. Instead of throwing it away, remember the old adage of ‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!’ Donate old items books and clothing to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans of America, and of course local shelters you can find online or through local churches.

Step 2: If your home still feels cluttered, rearrange some furniture to open up the space. Make sure there’s a clear ‘runway’ through the room and that windows and doorways aren't blocked. Purchase or rearrange a mirror opposite a window to reflect a pretty view. Once de-cluttered and the space has opened up, burn some sage to complete clearing out the old energy.

Step 3: Bring in some color to your space. Throw pillows are an inexpensive way of doing this. If you’re handy with a needle, make some new covers for old pillows and if you’re crafty, recover that old foot stool or ottoman! If you’re feeling really ambitious, give the space a fresh coat of paint! A color wheel can help you decide colors to bring in or check out a chakra chart if you’re feeling you’d like to stimulate certain chakras. Some find blue very calming. I tend to gravitate toward the red family because I find this color spectrum so cozy and warm. One of my dear friends really mixes it up by mixing earth tones and jewel tones in maroon and purple to spruce up her space! So exotic!

Step 4: Pick up or root some new plants. Bring life and living things into the space. Just be careful if you are owned by a pet that you don't get a plant that could upset your pet’s tummy or worse! I keep jade plants for abundance. I also love philodendron, Boston and air ferns along with angel-wing plants because they’re known as air scrubbers that eat up pollutants and carbon dioxide while giving out oxygen.

Step 5: Scent your home. You’d be surprised how that opens up the energies. You don’t need expensive diffusers and oils to do this. One of my favorites is whenever I peel an orange I put the peels in water, add a few cloves and/or cinnamon and simmer it on the stove. The entire house smells divine. You can use any citrus really, but a bonus of using orange is the scent of sweet orange attracts love into your life! Place small bowls of dried lavender around the house. The scent of lavender induces calm and peace in a home. Clip some pine branches and place them in vases. The scent of pine attracts money to the home.

Step 6: Bring sounds of nature. A small water fountain can make all the difference in a room. Water heralds change and positive flow. It doesn’t need to be big and expensive fountain. I found my small battery-operated water fountain in a local dollar store for $5. While you’re dropping off donations to the Salvation Army take a look around at their store, they may have one!

Enjoy your new space and I wish you many blessings for a Happy and Abundant New Year!

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I got married to a man from another country. He was going to come and live in the US with me. Then one of his friends told him a lot of negative things about American women and he got scared to come here so he told me that he wasn't coming. That broke my heart but I still love him and I wanted to make the marriage work. Then he filed for divorce without asking me for a divorce. I was in shock. I never wanted to get divorced. In his country, you can get divorced without the other person's consent. I tried to prevent the divorce and he told me he was going to stop the divorce. I also spoke to his lawyer by phone who told me that he was going to stop the divorce. At this point, I am not sure if the divorce went through or not. My husband told me that after we spoke to his lawyer, he never heard from him again. He is not even sure if we are still married or not. He was going to check with his lawyer but in his country, his lawyer didn't know for sure either. He is looking into it.

My husband told me that he regrets everything that he did to me and that he still loves me very much and he wants another chance with me. He says that he was too immature and he should have never believed what his friend told him. He says that he realizes how much he loves me and needs me and that I have always stood by him no matter what. He says that he knows he made a mistake and if we are divorced, he wants us to get married again. I love this man with all of my heart. I always have, but you can imagine that this situation has been very difficult for me. Now the one who is scared is me. I am afraid to give him another chance. I am afraid that he is going to hurt me again. Plus I have waited so long for him to be with me that I was just at the point of giving up. I am not sure how much longer I can take of us living in two different countries. I want to know if we are still married or if we are divorced and if I should give him another chance. I also want to know what his true feelings for me are and if I should allow myself to open my heart to him again. Thank you.
--Angie R

Blessings to you, Angie.

It is hard to maintain a long distance love affair or marriage no matter what the situation is. He is afraid of leaving the comfort of what is familiar to him. This other country he lives in is familiar, and to him, it’s home, or like home. He is torn between being with you, “his wife,” and staying where he is. I see that you are both still married, and that you should be sure of this, so you can make a decision to dissolve the marriage.

I feel you don’t really want to stay married to him because of all the uncertainty and because he doesn’t make you feel secure about his love for you. You constantly doubt his love and I cannot blame you since he is always saying one thing and doing something else. He loves you, but I fear it is not the kind of love you seek, one where he would be there for you and move mountains to be close to you.

Now this friend who told him negative things about American women, well he never experienced American women, just what he “heard” about them, not what he knows. Yet it seems your husband would rather believe his friend than experience true love and a life with you. So this here is a clue that even though he loves you in his way, it’s not the kind of love that can sustain any marriage, whether it be a long distance one or one close. Also, from what I see, his beliefs about women would make your life pretty hard if you did live with him.

I cannot tell you what to do, you must make these choices for yourself. I can just tell you that you will be better off moving on and finding someone who is more compatible to you, closer and free to really love you and share his life with you. Even though this guy says he wants to be with you and says he still loves you, I see him with his hand out. He may ask you for money if he hasn’t already…so just be aware. I highly advise you move on, because I can see that you can manifest real love into your life.

My prayers for your happiness are with you always. Love and light

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