Numerology 2012: The Five Year!

Written By Expert Speaks with Spirit

Happy New Year! With all the conjecture over 2012, I thought I’d add some numerology to your cogitations. Numerology is the philosophy and practice of offering insights based on the energy and vibration of numbers. The numbers of a person’s date of birth or even their name are added up and brought down to a single digit. There are exceptions to bringing the addition down to a single digit, but for the purpose of this article I will skip those exceptions. This can also be applied to years.

2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5

I love numerology because although it contains an element of destiny, it never dismisses the gift of free will of an individual, or in the case of a year, the energies the collective consciousness contribute to it all. The numerological calculation might indicate directions and traits, but it never locks individuals into the victimhood of not having choice and free will.

If you found 2011 a year a lot of hard work, needing to do reality checks galore and things just didn’t seem to pan out, I can tell you the reason. 2011 was a 4 year. The 4 year is Murphy’s Law and Mercury Retrograde all rolled into 365 days. The good news is: It is now 2012. I am happy to inform you all that it’s a changeover of energies numerologically speaking. It is a bright shiny new year and the energy is now in the 5 energy. I often joke that the only good thing about a 4 year is that it is followed by a 5 year!

The 5 year brings with it the energy of transformation and growth. Something I believe we have all been looking for. For some, change will be hard. This change will be hard not because it is difficult, but because change can be frightening because it is unknown where things will lead. In other words, develop an intrepid spirit and flexibility this year and you can avoid some of the more negative aspects of change. In the 5 year it is generally a positive transition. It is a year where some of the chaos is brought under control by those who recognize that chaos can be a motivator.

The 5 year is a year where horizons are expanded. In my opinion, I have always believed the Mayan predictions were less about destruction and more about the destruction of old ideas. 2012 was never about the apocalypse or the end of the world: it is about the end of the world as we know it. The 5 year adds to that energy. It is a time to move away from old routines and old activities. It is a year to move with more freedom and explore new ideas and seek out new directions. The 5 year is the year where all things seem possible and that must be explored!

On a spiritual level the 5 year is all about transformation and transcending: surpassing one state, philosophy or view of the world into a larger and wider scope encompassing not just a few threads of the tapestry, but the entire tapestry.

Happy 2012, and I wish you and your family, blessings, transformation and growth!

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I am facing a complicated issue with my 12 years of married life. No passion at all, I was hanging on to the marriage and the compromises I need to make. I had my ex come back into my life 14 years after the break up, still single as he promised me 16 years ago, saying that he will be single for the rest of his life if he cannot marry me. Our break up was a result of a rumor, which was my fault believing it as a result of my immaturity then. Therefore I have settled with the second best. I madly want to get back with my ex, yet my husband would not allow me the divorce.

Would we have any chance of getting together? What will happen to my future? I'm very frustrated and unhappy.


Blessings, dear Thara.

There is always a chance for everything; life itself is a miracle so miracles can happen every day. You say your husband will not grant you a divorce, so realistically it would be difficult for you to be with your ex. However, I see a karmic connection between you and your ex, a cycle that has been hard to break in this lifetime.

What happened in the past between you has no real relevance in the situation now. What is important is that you make a choice here to cling to your marriage, or walk away or have an affair with your ex. These are all free will choices you have the power to make on your own.

You say your husband is second best, yet he has been there those years striving to find ways to love you. He has given up; his heart is not into it anymore as he knows deep down you don’t love him so he clings to you by not allowing a divorce. This may change later and he will allow you to go free. As he comes to see your unhappiness and feel that, there is no recourse but to let you go.

I see there is a path for this relationship with your ex to work. But it will take time and your lover must work out ways to make it easy for you to leave your husband. This situation is highly probable as I see your passion for each other will win out in the end.

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