Celebrate A Spiritual Springtime

As Spring warms our hearts and gets our juices flowing, we look to new beginnings as well as to reconnect with our past. This is the perfect season to get your spiritual house in order, by taking care of any old business and making room for happy times to manifest. Here are three great tips to help you make the most of Spring.

Spring Clean with Feng Shui:
Things tend to get stale and stagnant over the winter. That includes your home environment, both in the physical and spiritual sense. Springtime is famous for Spring Cleaning for a very good reason. It's the best time of the year to invite fresh energy into your life. Start by looking into what you no longer need - old clothes, items like photos that may bring up painful memories - and purge that stuff from your sacred space. Some people like to burn sage to purify their home. Others just get busy with the Lysol and a duster. Once things are neat and fresh, you may want to consult an advisor to help you arrange your environment for maximum positive energy. A LivePerson Feng Shui Expert can help you create the perfect home that manifests all the prosperity and joy you deserve. Chat now!

Prepare a Path for Love:
Like many of us, you may be looking for love, or wondering how to improve your romantic situation.

Springtime is a wonderful time to invite positive, loving energy into your life. However, only when your heart, mind and spirit are receptive can you receive the best life has to offer. If you're holding on to bitterness, dealing with trust issues, or other negative energy, it's time to let all that melt away with the winter snows. One great way is to write yourself a letter describing all your favorite things about yourself, and defining what you're seeking in a mate. It's also a good idea to seek spiritual help. LivePerson's Love and Relationships Experts can help guide you down the path to lasting love. Connect with an advisor now!

Clear the Way to the Future with Past Life Connections:
Spring is a time when we start looking forward to the future; planning trips, playing outside, enjoying long walks and smelling all the lovely flowers. But sometimes it can feel hard to let that happiness in, as if something's holding you back. Perhaps there's unfinished business from a past life -- a lost love or a soul connection that has some lesson left to teach you. If you feel the need to reach out to someone with whom you've had spiritual business, a LivePerson Past Life Reader can help. Chat Live Now!

However you choose to celebrate Spring - remember, it's a time of rejuvenation. A time to treat yourself right!

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

I met my friend when he was with his girlfriend about a year and half ago. Shortly after that she left him and returned to her husband. My friend was devastated as he thought she was divorced. She led him to believe so. We became more than friends in this past year.

It seems when we get too close he backs off and just wants to be friends. He is also previously divorced with two teenage children. I get along extremely well with them. We have an unusual attraction to one another that is unexplainable; it is spiritual, physical, mental etc. What do you see in the future for us please?

Many thanks. Love and light --Jacey

Blessings my dear.

Your friend is not over the heartbreak of this girlfriend who left him. That has been something you've suspected all along, that he may not be quite over her and the disappointment that came with that. He cares for you but not in the same way he did with her, which is also something you instinctively know.

The incredibly strong connection you have with him and his kids is a past life connection. Your souls have recognized each other in this lifetime, and because you are more sensitive to spirituality and more open, this vibration of recognition has been stronger in you. Now not all this means he doesn't love you. I feel he does love you in his way just not in the same way as the girl who betrayed him. And also the pain of the betrayal still lingers with him, so it makes it harder for him to connect to you or anyone.

As far as the future goes, your friend will not be able to manage life without you. I mean he will always see you as part of his life. I feel this will lead to a deeper love between you in time. He will then love you in a deeper way. But you will have to continue to be forever patient with him and the relationship. Remember to live your life as if he were not there. He is not the center of your world, you are. Your life goes beyond him and you can enjoy yourself with friends and not be so available to him. The kids are learning from you in an indirect manner. They enjoy your company. That's a good thing to hold onto as well.

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