Dialoguing with the Divine:
How to use the Diloggun for
Spiritual Divination

Written By Expert Lovers Reunited Magically

"Phoning Heaven" is the phrase I use to define the Diloggun, which is one of the most ancient forms of divination. The Yoruba used 16 cowrie shells to commune with God and His aspects called Orisha. Consulting the Diloggun is specifically reserved for the initiated priests of the religion called Santeria in the New World. The Orisha, speaking through Diloggun, have brought peace of mind, stability, and resolution of conflict to countless people from every walk of life.

It is my honor as a priestess of Orisha Yemaya, about to celebrate my seventh year as an initiate, to cast this most powerful oracle for those who are called to commune with the Divine. This is a form of divination I will only use for those persons who take Diloggun and Orisha seriously and sincerely. For those who want to know in general what the Orisha have to say about their lives, the Diloggun will ALWAYS go directly to the heart of the individual and tell it exactly like it is down to the most minute details.

In order to proceed with opening the Diloggun, I will need your full name and the full names of anyone you have an inquiry about, the general topics you want to focus on in the divination, and then I allow for up to five

direct questions that I will address to Orisha. Once I have completed the session and written out the report of the results I will send you a notification email through LivePerson and ask that you have a live session with me for a minimum of 30 minutes where I will discuss the Odus (signs) that fell, along with going over your five questions and any other concerns. During that live session, Orisha and my guides continue to speak through me as I interpret the signs for you.

Upon completion of the session I will email the full written report of your divination results via LivePerson email. Since this is a divination system focused on correcting problems, Orisha and spirits will pinpoint the solutions through cures such as giving an offering or a cleansing. As a priestess I will do all offerings to Orisha on your behalf, though there will be simple remedies that I can mark for you to do in your own home, to make you a proactive part of this process. Although the Diloggun refers to past, present and future occurrences, the influence of the Odu(s) stay in effect for 21 days.

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

I had been seeing a guy I'm attracted to but he's an alcoholic. I have a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old. He'd give the shirt off his back to help someone… anyone… but he's never had real responsibilities. He lives with his parents. I'm attracted to him but don't know if he's the one for me. What should I do? Keep seeing him or look elsewhere? --Kat

Blessings Kat,
Thank you for submitting your question. I see, in the past, you have not allowed anyone to get in the way of your personal progress and that of your children. Perhaps your ex or the father of your children was abusive somehow, so finding a sweet person is probably a very attractive contrast.

The fact that he lives with his parents and is an alcoholic is a big red flag. He can't possibly be a good role model for your children. I don't see you wanting your kids to see a drunk in the living room, who you would end up supporting because he moves out from his parents house to live with you. If you enjoy his company, consider him a friend, but keep your eyes open for someone who is much more worthy of being with you and your family.

No one is a waste of time, and your friend is ill. Alcoholism is an illness as most addictions. But you have to ask yourself, do you really have time for another child? This man is still a child and he demonstrates it by having no responsibilities and living with his parents. I feel you have enough struggles raising the two you have you don't need a grown child to be dragging you down when your goal was to have a better life. He may be sweet but he won't give you the better life you deserve.

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