Karmic Connections

Written By Expert Melodie

Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone that you were meeting for the very first time? A sense of déjà vu or eerie familiarity that you simply couldn't explain? These chance meetings tend to turn into serious life-altering connections that are almost certainly "karmic" or fated in nature. There are usually specific themes that are repeated in these relationships. The following are all quite common:

  • The relationship begins as a chance encounter. One or both parties were not supposed to be there in the first place, got talked into coming at the last minute, missed a flight, took a wrong turn, stopped impulsively at the supermarket, or some other version of a completely random and unexpected meeting.
  • The parties experience a sense of heightened awareness, such as time standing still, ringing in the ears (or no sound at all), a physical (magnetic) pull towards the one another, etc.
  • A feeling of familiarity, a sense that they've met before or have known one another for years, etc.
  • The sense of falling in love at first sight.

Another theme - one which most of us aren't even of - involves planetary contacts between natal (or birth) charts. Astrologers refer to the study of these

contacts as "synastry." Astrologically-speaking, aspects between planets from one natal chart to another describe not only the types of connections shared between two people, but also the lessons that are karmically indicated.

Although the popular view of these relationships is that they're "meant to be," a more realistic way of looking at them is that while there may be a reason two people come together (karmically) in the present life-time, there's no guarantee that they will stay together. If one or both of them have reached a point in their evolutionary journey that they're no longer the appropriate facilitator for the other person's karma, the relationship is unlikely to last.

Additionally, not all karmic aspects are pleasant or easy: some are quite challenging. The nature of the planets involved, along with the aspects between them, will determine both the karmic patterns and the ease or difficulty with which they're expressed. There are a multitude of astrological aspects that are significant in determining relationship compatibility (or karma).

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

Hi there, I'm going through a dreadful time. My partner of 5 years (only 52) has been diagnosed with a very rare form of Parkinson's. He is now wheelchair-bound, incontinent and battles to talk. This is a progressive disease and he now has to move into a home in order to have full time nursing. We bought our current home on a 50/50 basis, he wants to leave it to me in his will. I also own the unit next door which I rent out, I'm so worried that I will not be able to afford both homes and might have to sell one of them. Can you advise me what I must do? I feel so lonely. I'm 51 yrs old and scared of the future. Many thanks. --Kathleen C.

Blessings and thank you Kathleen for submitting your question.
My heart goes out to you as you mourn the loss of your partner's health and how this has changed everything in your life. You and he mostly likely shared many lifetimes together as your souls recognized each other in this lifetime and had a karmic destiny. He brought you to a higher level of love as this disease racked his body and you tried your best to be loving and supportive every moment of the way. Your compassion brought you to a higher level of love and you've had the rare and enlightening experience of seeing the true meaning of love through suffering. In spite of everything, you still hold gratitude in your heart for the short moment in time when you experienced joy with each other and felt a connection like no other. This wisdom and knowledge of true love you'll hold in your heart the rest of your life.

As far as your financial situation, the future looks encouraging. You won't have to sell anything if you don't want to. You are still young at 51, resourceful and creative. In the past you've made money for others either directly or indirectly. You have an abundance of talent and you'll become inspired to generate income from other places, either by bringing in boarders or starting a small business either online or off. You really have nothing to be scared of when it comes to keeping your home and life intact. When everything changes you have the opportunity to change everything. Take into account the accomplishments you've had in the past, however small or great. Change your thoughts about being alone and being without resources. You are not alone, I see friends who care and will at least give you a listening ear. See yourself as powerful instead of powerless. Because the truth is, your strength of spirit has overcome great obstacles in your life. And this too shall pass, this feeling of fear and discouragement will change. Because you'll put the grief aside and start to figure out living again. You are turning a page in your life, and you will either start a business or make more money on the job to carry you through. Money is abundant in the universe you just have to change your mind about it being impossible to probable.

My prayers for your happiness and success are with you today. --Cristina

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