Life Coaching on a Spiritual Path

Written By Expert Life Coach Marie

A spiritual path is not just about angels, rainbows and other comforts. A fundamental part of the journey involves being open to self-growth and personal development. If we want more peace, confidence, success, prosperity, or healthier relationships we have a powerful option. We can choose to do the footwork to remove blockages to those blessings from our minds and lives.

Leaving everything up to circumstance and passively wondering when things will change places us in a powerless mindset, where we fail to utilize our practical tools and spiritual gifts.

There comes a time when a part of healing involves taking accountability; buckling down and asking ourselves tough questions to which the answers may feel inconvenient. After all, we are creators who mold our lives and futures with our thoughts, decisions and actions, aren't we? No one else can step into our shoes and carry out our mission except us.

However, we are not strictly left to our own devices in this journey. A Life Coach can offer encouragement, support, and insight into your situation. They can also be there to hold you accountable and help you find ways to maximize your potential in different areas of your life.

Many of us seek out Life Coaches because we want someone else to validate our own innate sense of wisdom. Life Coaches have various tools they can use to dig through the psyche, through the clutter of emotions, insecurities or confusion, grab onto the truth and pull it out of us to say “Look, here it is, it's been

here all along.” Because really, if something doesn't feel or seem right, it's likely we will not accept the information as ultimate truth anyway, whether it comes from a Psychic, Life Coach or therapist. The answers are within and sometimes it just takes a skilled advisor to be able to assist us in separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

There is a diverse range of advisors available to immediately assist those who visit, in both the Spirituality and Religion and the Professional Counseling categories. Listed among the subcategories in the Professional Counseling section are a number of Life Coaches.

Just as Psychics do, Life Coaches carry an arsenal of tools, many of them spiritual at their core, to assist clients in accomplishing their goals. Different Life Coaches work in different ways; however, to speak for myself as an example, a few of the tools I use personally with clients are LOA (Law of Attraction), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis.

From any advisor, we can choose to accept the guidance that makes sense and reject that which does not. We pay attention to what resonates within our core; that which is true for us and leave the rest to either develop into new understandings later, or fall away. If the advice we receive doesn't make sense, we are either NOT ready for the information, or the information simply isn't relevant to us. However, when we keep an open mind, a well suited advisor will help to light the path.

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25 years of experience has made me sensitive to call myself a self-empowerment coach. I am a clairvoyant, empath and a sensitive reader caring for people across the globe.

Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

I would like to ask Cristina where do I go from here. I am living with my daughter, her husband and taking care of my granddaughter. I would like to know where I am going from here. I lost my husband two years ago from cancer. I have been kind of floating since. I would like to live on my own. I must find a job so I can do that. Please let me know if that is going to happen soon. --Patricia C.

Blessings Patricia, and thank you for allowing me to do a reading for you. You have suffered a grave loss with your husband being gone. You took care of him through some rough times and endured a lot of pain. This trauma has brought you to a lower vibration to where you've forgotten who you really are and the strength you have. You have many talents, Patricia, some that have lain dormant within you for a long time. You love your family and they love you. It is a great blessing, but you still need your space and your own life. Finding a job won't be hard once you come to see what you offer the world. When you worked before you made other people money directly or indirectly. You have many skills and all you need is just to put your energy out there. I know you've been seeking jobs and wondering what the next steps will be, so while you seek a job, attract work to you. The way to do that is simple. You volunteer somewhere where people can use your skills and get yourself out into the world again. The job will come.
I see you getting through this, Patricia. I see your own home, your own sets of friends, a job. Everything you have been thinking about for many months will come to fruition because you have no place else to go but up. Because of the strength of your spirit and your talents, you will get what you seek. By this time next year, and in the following months, all the things you are thinking of will come to pass. You have been healing from the past, whether you know it or not. Healing from the trauma. Your daughter has done her best to make you feel better, but also you feel used sometimes rather than loved. Know she loves you and wants to protect you and see you happy.
My prayers for your success and happiness are with you today! Much love and light to you and your family. - Cristina

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